Friday, 04 September 2009 00:00
At the Machame gate, the team met with their porters and guides who were sorting all the food, tents and equipment.

This area is the start of the climb and the rain forest and for several hours the team pushed their way through the rain forest to arrive safely at camp Machame at 3000 meters (10000 feet). Everyone felt good and enjoyed a well deserves meal cooked by our head chef. Everyone is apprehensive about tomorrow as the team enter the zone where altitude start to really click in. Frank, Louis, Derek, Vincent and Gerry are all in good form and feeling fit
Saturday, 05 September 2009 00:00
The terrain changes today as the team ascent from the rain forest through the beautiful alpine meadow. The views start to open up and the team got their first sight of Kilimanjaro and the whole western breach. It really does seem like an enormous mountain from the ridge line as you approach Shira Camp site.
The team are doing well today and have risen to 3840 meters a rise of over 840 meters. Everyone is in good spirit and feeling fit. Tomorrow is an acclimatization day as the team traverse the mountain without gaining too much height. The scenery from Shira is spectacular in the evening light.

'To the west, we can see the spires of the Shira Needle, Shira Cathedral while above us the impressive Western Breach. We are now in an Alpine/ Lunar landscape and the altitude is starting to click in. However everyone is in good form'
Thursday, 03 August 2006 00:00
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Wilco descended to Base Camp today; Banjo and Jack remain at Camp 3 for their 3rd night and have now been joined by the Russians.

The weather forecast in the region looks disappointing with persistent cloud for the next 3 days. There are no storms expected.

The successful Japanese duo, (female) Yuka Komatsu (23), and Tatsuya Aoki (21), are expected in Base Camp this evening. Yuka has become the first Japanese female to summit K2, while her partner is the youngest summiteer ever. They reached the summit via the Cesen route.

Ger McDonnell and Mick are in Skardu now. Ger was discharged from hospital yesterday and they are both hoping to fly to Islamabad within the next couple of days. The flights are weather dependant and so not very predictable.

Best wishes again to Banjo and the other climbers at Camp 3.


Sunday, 06 September 2009 00:00
News just in from the team- all have now traversed to their next Camp site at 3950 meters. Today was an acclimatization day with the team ascending to 4600 meters and then descending to Camp, passsing the Lava Towers en route. Gerry report all the team are in good form albeit a little tired. The office have contacted all family members to give the regards from the team on the mountain. So the news from Louis, Derek, Frank, Vincent and Gerry is a big Hi to everyone, from the highest mountain in Africa!
Monday, 07 September 2009 00:00
The team had a good day today- crossed over the Barranco wall, a light scramble, to gain an altitude of 4200 meters before traversing the Southern slopes of the mountain down to 4000 meters to the Karranga valley and Camp site for tonight.

The weather today is very cold and there is a good nip in the air. Today is part of an extra acclimatization day for the team. So the team will be sleeping at a similar height to last night.
All the team were very tired after arriving at the Camp site and after lunch, Gerry and Fredrick our leader and head guide will go with the team up the mountain a further 400 meters sleep tonight. This should help the team to move up into position for the summit tomorrow. All the team are now getting anxious as tomorrow brings them to high camp and the move on the summit. Everyone in feeling in good humor and eating well. Gerry was eating lunch today and one of his teeth fell out and it wasn't that Derek hit him in the mouth by mistake with his elbow.

Everyone is enjoying the experience and good friendships are being made with all of the porters, guides and the team
Tuesday, 08 September 2009 00:00
The team have reached their Base Camp for the day, from where they will make an attempt at summit tonight. The ascent today proved tough for some of the team but Jerry reports that all are well. After Lunch, Jerry will lead a short acclimstization walk if the team feel up to it. After dinner and a few hours rest tonight, the team will leave Camp at 11pm for Summit.
'Our Camp site is situated on an exposed ridge, making it necessary to familiarise yourself with the terrain before dark. As every other day, the porters have erected the tents and are preparing supper. The team are busy preparing their gear for the summit bid and ensuring all headtorches and camara's are working as they should. It's cold but will get colder as night progresses..'
Our thoughts are with the team and we look forward to hearing the next update- from the Summit!!
Wednesday, 02 August 2006 00:00
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Today a whiteout prevented Banjo, Wilco and Jack from reaching Camp 4. The conditions have also trapped the Japanese in Camp 4. Although fingers are crossed for an improvement in the weather to allow a summit bid, the forecast is dissappointing. Wilco's team report similar low cloud tomorrow, followed on Thursday by increased winds.

It looks likely that Wilco will attempt to descend tomorrow; Banjo's plans aren't yet confirmed.

Photo - Climbers at K2 BC prior to Ger's evacuation. (c) Wilco

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Tuesday, 01 August 2006 00:00
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Ger McDonnell and Mick Murphy are both very well in Skardu and plan to fly to Islamabad tomorrow. Well done to both lads for their tremendous efforts on the mountain and to all the climbers, particularly Mick, for showing such team spirit following Ger's incident.

A huge number of people showed an overwhelming willingness to assist in all sorts of ways when news of Ger came through. Thank you to everybody who helped in any way; it was all very much appreciated.

We have been informed by Simon Scott from Banjo's home team that Banjo, Wilco and Jack are now at Camp 3; they were pushed back from C4 today by bad weather but are hoping to move tonight and make their summit bid tomorrow night.

We wish the 3 lads the very best of luck and a safe climb.

The Japanese are reported to have reached the summit today. A hearty congratulations to them.

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Wednesday, 09 September 2009 00:00
A text from Jerry tells us that the team are commencing descent from Summit (Uhuru Peak 5895meters). After a 13 hour ascent in total, the team are tired albeit elated having succeded in their bid for summit. Expected arrival at Mweka Camp 3100meters, their home for tonight, is 10pm tonight (8pm here in Ireland).

Our heartfelt congratulations to all the team on their fantantic achievement- Derek Carruthers, Vincent Kelly, Frank and Louis Lynam and of course Jerry Walsh. Fair play guys!! Of course, success has to note credit to the wonderful support team they had- Fredrick and fellow guides, the assistant guides, the porters and cooks. We wish them all a safe descent and look forward to talking with them in the coming days.

All in photo except Vincent who had began his decent, taken by head guide Frederick
Thursday, 10 September 2009 00:00

Today the team left Mweka Camp for the Machame gates where they collected their Certificates recognising their fantastic achievement in having summitted Africa's higest mountain. Transfered back to the hotel for a very welcome shower and fresh clothes, they are relaxing- no doubt before a night of celebration and reminising of each day's adventures.

The team have tommorrow to explore their locale before heading to the airport for their late evening flight. Safe travels guys and look forward to hearing from you all