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Pat Falvey was a keynote speaker at Supply Chain Human Resources Leadership meeting for the Johnson and Johnson International conference in Cork.


Pat's keynote speech facilitated the main topic of the conference which was the topic of change management in the context of “Motivating Human Resource Business Partners in Challenging and Changing Times”.  The audience comprised of vice presidents and directors from their worldwide organisation comprising of fourteen different nationalities.


Pat linked the challenges of business to climbing a mountain like Everest and how even through his own life there have had many successes and failures as an entrepreneur, adventurer and explorer. The importance of learning and the ability to change with the times, enables survival no matter what we do, whether it is personal, a team, our communities or in business.


He concluded that the importance of everyone buying into the Challenge of Change and how human resources departments worldwide, are a vital component in the expansion of any large organisation. Sometimes the unsung heroes are the ones that pull organisations together.


The importance of inspiration in a changing world:

More and more companies are seeing the benefit of bringing in professional and inspirational business speakers like Pat Falvey to their conferences, to inspire and motivate their teams to help with the current massive challenges that are facing companies throughout the world.  As we consolidate or expand and move forward, looking for growth and efficiency within organisations, to help their teams deal with the Challenge of Change. Whether in expansion or contraction.


Why not have Pat Falvey speak at your next event!  Check out Contact us at our office +353 64 6644181 or through our web site  We look forward to hearing from you. 

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Company Away Day & Teambuilding in Killarney

50 Staff from the Merck Sharp and Dohme OPS1 Manufacturing plant in Cork assembled at Kate Kearney’s Cottage in Killarney at 10:00 on Friday morning 17 June 2011 for a team building and bonding active day out in the beautiful surrounding of Ireland most spectacular landscapes of mountains, lakes and valleys. The day included a variety of activities the stimulated the mind and body. Incorporating Get up, get out, get fit with team building activities that was incorporated throughout the day to include communication, process, listening and thrust skills all with the goal in mind of an enjoyable team day.

Brief on day:

The weather forecast was not good but luckily several hours of downpour had passed before the company arrived, maybe the gods are looking down on us today. After tea and coffee in Kate’,s Pat Falvey Ireland's leading team building facilitators gave an introduction to his team and the schedule for the day before a brief presentation on his life as an Entrepreneur- Adventurer- Explorer and the challenges that faced him throughout his life of success, failure, learning and the challenge of change. Following this the group got their first challenge which divided them up into teams.



Outside Kate's the fun begins as the next challenge was to subdivide the groups into two and then to do a challenge game called Traffic Jam. This involved team members getting across steeping stones and exchanging their side for the other side starting the day learning communication & cooperation and process with an element of frustration built in.

All teams then started their walk through the majestical Gap of Dunloe to Lord Brandon’s Cottage. The day was glorious and the pace just fine as we weaved our way through one of Irelands best examples of a glaciated valley. Apart from meeting local horsemen, sheep and the odd tourist they had to find locations on their map which gave clues to a Murder Mystery. This is to introduce the group into the concept of “Why, What, Where, When, Who”. On reaching Lord Brandon’s lunch was served just as the 1st rain shower of the day approached.


merck2011_02After lunch the group had to complete four more challenges. One was to get people to walk around a rope which was supported by team members. The object of this game is all about trust and how we as a team support we can each other. The stick game was next on the agenda and the object of this is to get the team working together. A Navigating game was used to introduce people to problem solving and if an answer was wrong to direct them back to the last correct known answer. Using a printed image, another game was to introduce the group to the concept that as individuals we all have some of the picture but together we can see the big picture. Throughout the tasks there was confusion, discussion, frustration, laughing and plenty of fun.

When all had completed their tasks, Pat gave a talk on following your dreams and that its not enough just to want something but you have to do something to make your dreams come true.


Many thanks to the boatmen, staff at Kates & Lord Brandons and especially to the Merck team who travelled down for the day to participate, it was a great day throughout!!

Report: Tony Nation & Niall Foley

If you are interested in a company away day, teambuilding activities or personal development be sure to contact us.

View some photos from the day in our gallery

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Recession or pre-boom...depends on your attitude!

We are now living in tough times and we need to be positive to succeed, if we are not we will fail in achieving our goals.

I believe for people to move forward we have to accept the challenges that now face us. Yes, things are tough and for some this has been one of the hardest times in their lives. But unless we change from the doom and gloom that has beset our country, our people will not emerge from the gloom.

Too many people have a negative outlook to life and unless we can refocus to see the light at the end of the tunnel, we face a disastrous outcome.

Let’s look to the future with a positive attitude and make opportunities. Let’s change our negative thoughts to the positive ones.


We are where we are on planet earth and the most important attribute to a successful future is to accept our current situation. If need be, we should take our current situation to the worst case scenario and rebuild from that point. This is what I had to do in 1986 when I went broke and lost everything. My home was in the process of being repossessed; my companies faced liquidation and my personal life was in ruins. From the ashes of all of this and a change of attitude I fought back to live to fight another day. Opportunities arose from the height of a world depression. I then chose to see opportunity from my demise and the position I found myself in. I chose to see my glass as half full instead of half empty.


Like now I believe we are no longer in a recession, we are in a pre-boom period (how long we remain there I’m not sure). The future looks bright and by having a positive attitude we will prevail. As my grandmother drummed into me as a child “If you think you can you will, If you think you can’t you won’t.”


We are living in very challenging times, we would be fools to think otherwise. Economies are shifting their focus, businesses are reconfiguring and all of us have to be open to the challenge of change. This uncertainty dominates most people’s thoughts and for most they fear failure and the unknown.


But we have to be positive, more so then ever now it is the time to stand up and be counted as individuals and to be self lead. To succeed we need to change the country’s attitude, as Obama said “is feidir linn”. Yes we can. We need to be motivated to self leadership, team leadership, community leadership, company leadership and political leadership and to believe we will succeed.


For this month I will leave you with a verse that was given to me by my mother when I despaired most in my own life, when I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. It was in 1986 and I had lost everything. My self esteem, my confidence and self belief were at an all time low. I rebuilt my life from the ashes to go on and succeed in making all my dreams a reality. I have used the philosophy behind the verse of the following poem. I learnt that to fail is a journey to succeed if we learn from mistakes and never give up.


Don’t Quit

When thing’s go wrong as they sometimes will.

When the road your trudging seems all uphill.

When funds are low and debts are high.

And you want to smile, but you have to sigh.

When care is pressing you down a bit.

Rest if you must, but don’t you quit.

Life is weird with its twist and turns.

As everyone of us sometimes learns.

And many a failure turns about.

When they might have won if they stuck it out:

Don’t give up though the pace seems slow-

You may succeed with another blow.

Success is failure turned inside out-

The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,

And you never can tell how close you are.

It may be near when it seems so far:

So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit.

It’s when time go tough that you must not quit.


There have been many occasions I know in my own life where I would have failed if I had given up but I persisted even though I thought at times I had failed. So be positive, stay focused, rely on self-leadership and be the best that you can be and you will succeed. With that in mind I just want to wish you all the best in this “pre-boom period”. We now have more budding young entrepreneurs in the making then at any time in our past.


Pat Falvey

Entrepreneur – Speaker – Adventurer


Pat Falvey is Ireland’s leading business, inspirational and motivational speakers and presenters.


Let us help you in your organization to inspire your company, team’s and individuals to look to the future in a positive way. Through our presentations and courses.

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Pat Falvey Boot Camps Corporate and Educational Division.

Over the last 12 months, we have now surpassed all our expectation for our Pat Falvey Boot Camp Division and we have worked with over 4,000 people in our boot camps for the 2010/2011 season. This has been an amazing success which has been headed up by director of operations, Tony Nation and our trainers. Our courses have captured the imagination of those taking part. These boot camps are an ideal fun day out for your team.

Why not try Pat Falvey's BOOT CAMP. We at Pat Falvey School Of Adventure have designed a programme for getting the best from your team. If you are preparing for a major event or just want to have some fun in the outdoors...we have that special day.


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Sunday October 21st, 2010 - it is a bright and sunny morning. Fourteen employees of Peter Mark Hairdressing Salon, Killarney gathered together outside Kate Kearney's Cottage for what was to be their company day out, a Teambuilding Bootcamp Day!

None of them had any idea what they were in for! The brief they were given was short- Meet at Kate Keraney's Cottage. Bring a change of clothes & a light lunch.

The team were met by Tony Nation ( Bootcamp Instructor) and taken to secret location in Kerry. On arrival, the team met their other instructors for the day - Terry & Darren. The rules were given out.

The day consisted of a number of different tasks that were fun, challenging and each with it's own unique goal.

Task 1: Communication & Trust.

Task 2: TeamBuilding/ Bonding

Task 3: Problem Solving

Task 4: Communication Skills

Task 5: Trust

Task 6: Teamwork & Problem Solving

Task 7: Facing Challenges

Task 8: De-Briefing

Reflections on the day from some of the team "great day out " "team bonded well" "did not know what to expect, but it was great" and "when can we do it again?"

Why not see if we can organise a Bootcamp to suit your needs.  Contact us at


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The launch of Awareness Cards with helpline telephone numbers, was held at the Rochestown Park Hotel in Cork on November 17th.

Pat Falvey Patron of Suicide Aware, who was a guest speaker at the event, thanked all of those who give their time and effort in support of this cause.

Pat spoke about the need of us as a community coming together to help others and how suicide and depression are now one of our greatest health problems, one that has, for far to long, been brushed under the carpet. Yet there is not one person in the country that does not know someone who is suffering from depression or someone who has taken their lives over the past fifteen years.

This event was attended by many sports and high profile Irish people giving their support for a progressive program of fundraising to help fight a plague of raising depression and suicide in Ireland.

Munster Rugby endorsement:

The evening was also the launch of the Munster Rugby nomination of Cork Cancer Aware as one of their three charities for next year. The Munster Rugby team was represented by Garret Fitzgerald and Irish player Mick O Driscoll who applauded the work done by the organisation in showing initiative in the importance of having people trained to help those in need of advice and assistance in this area.

(CSR Plan) Garret and Mick spoke about how Munster Rugby were honoured to have selected Suicide Aware as one of their three nominated charities for 2011-2012, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility Plan.


Crime Correspondent/Author: Paul Williams, the highly successful crime writer and author was the guest speaker and formally launched the initiative. He took a really hard stand on the influence of drugs on the ever increasing problem and of the crime lords here in Ireland that have zero consideration for the damage they cause in their persuit of making money out of the misery of others. He branded them as 'scumbags of our society' and that they should be caught and the keys thrown away for the misery and violence they bring to Ireland. Drugs are a major contributor to depression and suicide and Paul as guest speaker, gave a great insight to the life of the drug lords and their violent ways.

Host for the night was radio presenter and PR consultant Mick Mulcathy.  Other speakers on the night were Ian Delahunty who spoke of personal experience of the tragedy of families when a loved one commits suicide. He spoke emotionally about how his father took his own life and the effects it had on him and the family.

The night was brought to a close by founding member Pat Beahan thanking everyone for their support and help.

Further information on fundraising events and Suicide Aware's mission and vision can be found on or contact Pat Beahan on 087 9454202.


Want to get involved?  Contact us here at



Friday, 19 November 2010 00:00

Pat Falvey speaking at a recent conference in Ireland. Please contact us for more details or to request further information regarding your event.

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Pat Falvey has just returned from his well publicized expedition to The Himalaya with a group of Irish celebrities who were each given a task to push themselves Beyond their Endurance to achieve a task that most would have said would be impossible to achieve. Pat flew into Cork city to presented a lecture to an enthusiastic group of over a 100 entrepreneurial students at Cork University of Ireland who are members of the Entrepreneurial & Social Society.


His lecture on "Succeeding in a Recession" was based on his acclaimed presentation on Leadership and the 'Attributes of Success'.


"The Psychology Of Success" focuses on the ability for those with aspirations to succeed as a entrepreneur in a challenging and changing world.

His presentation focused on self belief, having vision and the benefit of a positive attitude in a changing environment. He spoke about the creation of new opportunities for those that seek them, in particular young blood with dreams. He spoke on the negativity besetting those that see no future and suggested that we look at the good the recession will bring.  He said that we should look at our present status in time as a period of 'pre-boom time' and how to find ourselves.  There are many opportunities for young enthusiastic entrepreneurs that believe!  His message to the young audience was not to see failure as an end game but to see mistakes as a opportunity to learn.


His parting advice was to be confident no matter what life throws at you and don't give up your dreams and always have a 'go-for-it attitude.'


 "On behalf of the committee of the Entrepreneurial and Social Society in University College Cork, please accept my most sincere thanks. We thoroughly enjoyed your visit to University College Cork and it was a pleasure listening to your presentation which was as colourful, intriguing, interesting, motivating and captivating as you are Pat." ~ David Murray


For more information on Pat -


Tuesday, 21 September 2010 17:15

At Pat Falvey Army Boot Camp we have put a number of teams through this rigorous weekend training program specially designed to help in the areas of communication, focus, attention to details, planning and following through on objectives set.

Bear Island: This weekend our island boot camp was help on Bear Island and Highfield Rugby Club went through their paces on last weekend 17 to 19 September.

Outside the comfort zone:

They were met by the instructors at 19:00 hrs on Friday night. No sooner had they disembarked they were made to run 4km with bag in hand to the camp. There they were given their bed in the tent. First on the agenda was night navigation around the island. They returned to a welcomed cup of soup and sandwich. The team went through the briefing for the weekend. Then retired to try and sleep for the night.

Up at 05.00, given a map and coordinates they had to search out their food for breakfast. Some were lucky, others were not, but everyone shared what they had found. After all were fed it was down to business. Each was given 25kg packs and made run the 5km run to the first tower. When they got there they thought they had finished but this was not to be, they had to run to the other tower as well. Next evaluation was the water confidence training instruction. This was to build up there confidence in tough and hostile environment. After this was the assault course, stretcher run, and finished up with some close quarter combat.

Dinner was bush craft style with rabbit, pigeon, and deer on the menu. All had to be skinned, butchered and cooked by the team. After dinner they did more navigation and finished with some field play. Lights out at 24.00 were they tired.

Up Sunday morning at 08.00 for 8km run with 25kg sandbags to White Cross. There they took part in a debriefing and self evaluation on the weekend. After this there were then ran back down to camp to a surprise full Irish Breakfast. The camp finished with a march back to the ferry at 12.00.

“It was agreed by all that if they fail in their goal they would be back and it would be tougher”

Objectives for the weekend were, Improve Communication, Discipline, Fitness, Teamwork, Self belief.

Terry Healy Boot Camp faciliator/ Instructor.

Pat Falvey Boot Camp Division -


Tuesday, 21 September 2010 16:23

Today in the Cork Examiner -  The team claims they have reached their Everest after been swept from their goal on many occasions in rescent years!  Just as they were about to reach their summit beaten by the Green and Gold avalanche of their neighbours Kerry. (insert smile here) 

In reaching their summit today they contribute one of the elements to their success was their miliarty boot camp training in Bear Island last Easter on the 2nd of April.

The squad’s training camp in Bere Island off West Cork earlier this year – details of which were revealed in his All-Ireland diary in yesterday’s Irish Examiner by John Hayes – has been identified as a pivotal moment in their season.

Read more:

This contributed to their belief of never giving up until the final whistle and that getting to the top was like eating an elephant that it was to take each stage of the game like eating the elephant and that was to take each stage bite by bite and to never give up until they had the elephant eaten.

Pat Falvey Boot camps for your next training session.

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