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Dave Twomey

David Twomey has worked with our team building division in numerous different roles; from facilitating team dynamics to the importance of change.


David was educated at University College Cork and holds B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees. Most of David’s early career was spent in the International Brewing industry. David has held many Directorships in Irish and International companies. He has vast business experience. David is also a founder member and Director of the European Institute of Customer Care Ltd.


David is involved in helping companies and training managers at all levels in a wide range of skills. His most recent interest is in the area of Interim Management. This gives companies the opportunity to employ experienced consultants or managers who have been recently made redundant to fill key roles in companies for short periods, thus avoiding long term commitments in our difficult business climate.

The following are the key areas of expertise:

  • Organisation

  • Change

  • Customer Care

  • Teambuilding

  • Communication and Presentation skills

  • Time/Stress management

  • Interim management assignments at all levels.

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   Catherine McGeachy


Catherine McGeachy is our specialist in the development of the mind, to adopt a positive attitude towards life and work. She has been working with Pat now for over 14 years on building peak performance.


Catherine is a native of Scotland, but has lived in County Limerick, Ireland for over 19 years.  For a number of years Catherine worked with the University of Limerick lecturing  on Administrative Systems, Systems Analysis, Management Information Systems, Software Applications, Strategic Implications of Technology and Human Communications. She specialises in the areas of Communications, Personal Development, Teamwork, Total Quality Management, Customer Care, Time Management and Empowerment. She was Counsellor for the Open University's Open Business School for five years and a tutor on its Management and Personnel Selection Programmes.


Catherine is also the author of 'Spiritual Intelligence in the Workplace', which focuses on the importance of finding motivation and meaning in life in the face of long working hours, company down-sizing and closures. According to Catherine, attitude change, personal empowerment, stress management and team development are the cornerstones of a successful relationship between employer and employee.


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  • About

Pat Falvey is one of Ireland's leading entrepeneurs.  He has weathered booms and busts, and over his life as a businessman he experienced the hunger for success, the yearning for more, the disappointment of failures, and the satisfaction of achievement.  Taking all the experiences of his lifetime in business, extreme adventure, travel and leadership, Pat has created a no nonense formula for success.  He and his team of corporate trainers have developed a range of presentations and courses that encourage people and companies to realise their full potential.  


Pat and his team provide Entrepreneurial, Team, Company and Individual Mentorship.  These in-depth presentations and courses focus on the core business elements, personal coaching and strategic planning.


Pat Falvey - Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker, Adventurer, Author, Film Producer


If you wish to avail of Pat's expertise for you and your business, contact us.

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  • Why Pat?

  • Support and Services

  • Our Team

  • Pre-Meetings

  • Why Us?

Why Pat?

Pat offers a first class service with motivational, inspiring talks, dynamic team events and personal 1-1 development.


Pat Falvey is Ireland's Leading Corporate and motivational speaker, with over 15 years experience of public speaking and a lifetime of amazing experiences and knowledge, to share and to motivate.


Pat Falvey and his team of leaders are some of the best and most experienced in the world in this field.


Pat Falvey is a world renowned Expedition Leader - Adventurer - Explorer - Climber - Author - Filmmaker with a passion for providing only the best itineraries and training to enhance the spiritual, cultural and traditional experiences to all team members. Pat has over 30 years of experience in designing and leading treks and expeditions.

 Support and Services Worldwide:

All bookings, talks and team building events are run from our Head Office at the Mountain Lodge Centre in the heart of the beautiful Gap Of Dunloe in County Kerry. The company is headed up by Pat Falvey, his sister Abina and dedicated team of consultants. Events can be held anywhere in the world and we can organise or help you with your organisation.


 Our Team

 All our team are dedicated, passionate leaders with vast experience and a love for adventure, culture and an interest in team success.



 We provide pre-meetings to go through all the apsects of your talk or event with Pat, so we are both clear on what you want from the event.


Why Us?

We offer a first class service with great leaders, amazing locations for team building and 24/7 back up. We have over 15 years experience in helping people make their dreams a reality, and helping build and motivate teams all over the world.



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Please read the terms as set out below that form the basis of our contract with Pat Falvey’s Irish & Worldwide Adventures Ltd. On booking, you are confirming you have read and agreed to the booking conditions.


  • Booking

  • Deposit

  • Price

  • Cancellation

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  • Requests

  • Website

  • Liability

  • Complaints


To book and event please call the office or email us


A deposit may be required on booking. The balance is due as per agreed.



The given cost covers the organising, planning and provding the corporate or personal development event.

You are responsible for all arrangements outside of those noted.

The price of your booking is confirmed once a booking has been accepted and a change can only occur in the event of a change in our costs or taxes/fees.

A surcharge will be payable only if the amount exceeds 2% of total cost. If a surcharge applies, an invoice will be issued noting any additional cost and you will have 14 days from date of invoice to cancel the booking (cancellation charges as set out below will apply). If we do not hear from you withing this period we will assume that the surcharge will be paid on the date the balance is due. No surcharge will be applied within 2 weeks of the booking date.


We must be notified as soon as possible of any cancellations in writing. Your notice of cancellation will only be effective when acknowledged by us.


More than 20 weeks - Full refund
20 to 8 weeks - Deposit is forfeited
8 to 4 weeks - 75%
2 weeks to or later - 100%

Where we cancel the event you will be offered an alternative date/event and where this isn’t possible a full refund will be provided.

Local Agents/Suppliers:

Suppliers and local agents, including transport operators provide their services in accordance with their own terms and conditions.

Special Requests:

Please inform us of any special requests prior to booking. While these will be subject to availability we will endeavour to meet  them where possible. Unless these are specifically confirmed in writing they cannot be guaranteed.


The information on our website and in other printed materials is correct at the time of publication to the best of our knowledge. Errors may occur from time to time and therefore you are advised to check all details of your booking.


In providing arrangements as agreed in our contract with you, we take every step possible to ensure the best services. If you feel otherwise you must demonstrate how this was not the case. The company will only exercise responsibility towards agents/suppliers for periods within which they were carrying out duties asked of them by Pat Falvey’s Irish & Worldwide Adventures.

Responsibility will not be taken for injury, death, loss, damage, expense, cost or any claim whatsoever that results from your, or any independent parties acts and/or omissions, or by “force majeure” or by the information you provided on booking being false.

Any complaint about services provided will be viewed within the laws and regulations of the country you were visiting and your contract of arrangements with Pat Falvey’s Irish & Worldwide Adventures.


In the unlikely event that you wish to make a complaint you must immediately inform your tour guide or our local agent.

If the complaint cannot be resolved to your satisfaction while on the trip, you must contact us in writing within 28 days of the end of the trip in order to make an official complaint.

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Corporate ServicesPat is Ireland’s leading motivational and business speaker and CEO of Pat Falvey’s LIFE LONG LEARNING development courses and training modules for the corporate world. He is a business consultant in team development and in achieving maximum results.

Taking all the experiences of his lifetime in business, extreme adventure, travel and leadership, Pat has created a no-nonsense formula for success. He and his team of corporate trainers have developed a range of presentations and courses that encourage people and companies to realize their full potential.


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Tony Corp

Tony Nation heads up our corporative events, including teambuilding.  Tony has over 35 years experience in the Pharma industry. He is adaptive, flexible, innovative.  He enjoys working in a challenging and demanding team situations. Energetic and a strong communicator, Tony has held many rolls in Supervisory/Management and is well versed in Six Sigma, Right First Time, Lean Manufacturing, Human Behavior Safety as well as Leadership Development. 


Tony is also a leading trainer within Scouting Ireland and is involved in developing training modules to deliver to new leaders.  Tony is a father of four Sean, Damien, Sara and Timothy and from a very early age to instil adventure to his children became involved with his wife Mary in Scouting Ireland, giving of his time voluntary for over 20 years to promote the adventurous spirit in children.

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Pat Falvey 1st of 7 Attributes of Success - HUNGER

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.” - Amelia Earhart

You must WANT it badly enough and go-for-it!

When I first started my own business at the age of 15 I was hungry, angry, ambitious, and I had a dream. My father who had a business of his own and had worked his ass off for over 15 years had gone broke and I was angry at the position it left our family in. He lost direction for a while because a creditor who owed him a lot of money had decided not to pay as the economy was going into a recession and dad took the brunt of this by this creditor defaulting on his commitment. For a while he got depressed and he saw no way out to salvage his self-esteem and his pride. He was faced with a terrible dilemma, in turn he could not pay those he owed money to. As he would say, it was the worst period of his life. He had worked hard, done everything right and was an honourable man. I did not see the trauma my own father was going through and it caused a lack of respect. As a young person I could not understand the pain and the anguish that this proud man was going through. I left school to become a millionaire. I had literacy problems and began my trade as a bricklayer but my every waking moment was filled my thought of "I'm going to be a millionaire." I didn't know how I would do it, but that did not stop me believing it and wanting it. I wanted it so badly I was consumed by the thought process. Within a few years I had achieved what I set out to do.

Later my mother gave me advice in the form of a verse that I have abided with throughout my career. The verse was simply called "Want and go for it." I use the thought process in this verse in all I try to achieve. I have developed the thought process to follow the advice in this verse for my goals, and for the team of people I pick to work with me in making my dreams a reality.

If you want a thing badly enough, then you must go and fight for it, give up your time, your peace and sleep for it. If your life seems so lonely and pointless without it and all that you do is you dream and you plan it.
If gladly you fret and sweat for it, then you should go-for-it. But you go-for-it with all of your capacity, your strength and tenacity.
If you simply go after the things in life you want, though tired, gaunt and lonely and if day after day you besiege and beset it, then you will get it. Your dreams and goals will become a reality. (Anon)

When I have a goal I wish to achieve in my own business and adventurers, or with my team members; I insist that we all have the qualities above to ensure success.


1st of 7 Attributes of Success - HUNGER
2nd of 7 Attributes of Success - LEADERSHIP
3rd of 7 Attributes of Success - ACTION
4th of 7 Attributes of Success - PASSION
5th of 7 Attributes of Success - CONFIDENCE
6th of 7 Attributes of Success - COURAGE
7th of 7 Attributes of Success - PLANNING


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ACTION: 3rd of 7 Attributes of success

Successful people actively pursue their dreams and ambitions. Don't waste your life by talking about things you could have done but didn't do. You don't want to be remembered as just a talker or worse still, a procrastinator.

To achieve your goals and fulfil your dreams you need to visualise what it is you want and plan how you are going to make it a reality. You must affirm your inner thoughts in relation to all areas of your life where you want to achieve and then take action.

Affirm your goals and dreams with self-belief and positivity. Even though you may not initially have all the answers needed to make your dreams and goals a reality, by repeating the affirmations of 'I can do it', 'I will succeed' and 'I believe I can achieve' your subconscious mind will be programmed towards the successful realisation of those dreams. Repeat the positive words of self-belief and affirmation consistently until you truly believe them yourself and no longer doubt that you will succeed.

Too many people regret the things they should have done and didn't do. They get frustrated when they think that all they did was talk about fulfilling a dream or goal they had. However, it is never too late to stop procrastinating and make your dreams a reality. The ability to do this does not always come naturally but everyone can learn to be a 'doer' and stop being a procrastinator.
From an early age I was very lucky to have mentors who taught me the skills of affirmation and of turning my dreams, aspirations and goals into reality. They also made me realise the necessity of not being a procrastinator and the importance of being a dreamer with a purpose and a mission.

One of my early life mentors was my grandmother. She would often say 'Life is too short to spend it procrastinating - do it or stop taking about it'. When I had a dream, goal or aspiration, instead of keeping my own counsel, I'd talk about my plans to anyone who would listen. This forced me to take action.

"Do or do not. There is no try." - Yoda

Most people, including family and friends, initially doubted my ability to achieve my goals, but I persisted in pursuing them and achieved most of them. People's attitudes to me changed as they saw my dreams become reality and they too started to believe in my ability to achieve what I set my mind to.
Each successfully realised dream, goal and ambition became a milestone and I continued having new dreams and developing new ambitions for my life.
Some of my dreams that became reality are:


  • Having left school at 15 years of age, I decided that I was going to become a millionaire. At the time I was working as a bricklayer
  • At 29 I decided that I was going to climb Everest. I had just climbed my first mountain
  • At 35 I wanted to be the first person in the world to achieve a mountaineering challenge no one else had completed
  • At 40 I decided I was going to be a world-class speaker and mentor

Now, in my 50s, I still have goals that I firmly believe will become reality in my life as long as I dream, affirm and take action. My ambitions for the next ten years are:

  • To make my business a worldwide success
  • To write a best-selling motivational book
  • To write and produce a world class one-man play and act in it
  • To be a better father, son and family person
  • To develop one of the world's leading organisations for older adventurers; The Forever Young Club

My desire to set new goals and achieve them is as strong as it ever was and I believe that by being a 'doer' and not procrastinating I will achieve much of what I set out to do. It is important to realize, however, that following a dream is a process and that you will not succeed all the time. But the more you work towards making your dreams a reality, the more you learn about how to achieve.

Do not be disappointed by setbacks - they provide great learning opportunities and help you more clearly identify the road to success. When things go wrong, don't quit - keep trying until you succeed or until you want to change direction. I believed in every single dream or aspiration I had, even though I didn't always know at the time how to achieve it. Believe in yourself and your dream, even if you are not sure about how it can be made a reality. Make plans and do not be distracted by critics who may not believe in you or your ability. Have a plan A, B and C. Be flexible and ready to move to Plans C, D or E if Plans A, B and C fail.

Don't be afraid to ask for help to achieve your objectives, whether it is from family, the corporate sector or your community. People admire a 'doer' who has self-belief, passion and the drive to try new things. Whenever you find yourself procrastinating, repeat to yourself, with energy and enthusiasm, the affirmations 'I can do it', 'I will succeed' and 'I believe I can achieve'.
About Pat Falvey – Pat Falvey is Ireland's leading motivational and inspirational business speaker and trainer. Pat's goal is to help you achieve your personal and business goals in life as well as to help companies and individuals to achieve maximum efficiency and success in operating as a team.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone +353 64 6644181

1st of 7 Attributes of Success - HUNGER
2nd of 7 Attributes of Success - LEADERSHIP
3rd of 7 Attributes of Success - ACTION
4th of 7 Attributes of Success - PASSION
5th of 7 Attributes of Success - CONFIDENCE
6th of 7 Attributes of Success - COURAGE
7th of 7 Attributes of Success - PLANNING


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Corporate Services

LEADERSHIP: 2nd of 7 Attributes of Success

"To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart." —Eleanor Roosevelt

Effective leadership is one of the greatest attributes to managing a successful team or organization. To be a leader you need to possess certain traits and characteristics that encourage team members to achieve their full potential. As a leader you need to lead and inspire through your actions and you need to believe in your set-out goals and plans. You need to gain the trust and respect of the team and to stimulate them towards set-out objectives and goals. A leader believes in their ability to follow goals through to the end.

A good leader believes in his/her team. They need to be an effective communicator and to be fair in their expectations of their team members' abilities. A good leader has confidence, integrity, is respectful and fair, and is willing to change direction when required. Leaders lead; they take responsibility for their actions, both when successful and when they fail. We are all leaders in our own right and when we do not get good leaders to follow, we need to be good self-leaders.

1st of 7 Attributes of Success - HUNGER
2nd of 7 Attributes of Success - LEADERSHIP
3rd of 7 Attributes of Success - ACTION
4th of 7 Attributes of Success - PASSION
5th of 7 Attributes of Success - CONFIDENCE
6th of 7 Attributes of Success - COURAGE
7th of 7 Attributes of Success - PLANNING


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