Pat Falvey Speaks at sales Conference for JTI at the Ritz Carlton.


JTI has over 25000 employed, 90 different nationalities in 60 countries. The companies has long recognized the links between cultural diversity and success and understand the importance of having teams work together to create success across the entire company.


Through shared knowledge, with constant fresh ideas help make the company to make more effective decisions and better solutions.


Pat was an after dinner speaker at their sales conference and gave a colourful entertaining presentation on his life stories of success and failure and the need to change in a changing world.

The presentation was on being enterprising and open to change in a challenging market place.

Pat Falvey is Irelands leading Business, Inspirational and Motivational speakers. who's presentations have enthralled 100,000's of people throughout the world.

Pat was the guest speaker at a pre match dinner at Thomond Park for the Heineken Cup Munster VS Castres Olympique 350 supporters were entertained with an inspiring presentation based on the importance of supporters and team working together to create success.

thomond park munster v castres

Pats colourful presentation focused on the importance of team and the unsung hero’s of the supporters in driving the playing team forward. The muster team has one of the most loyal supporters in the world.

The importance of this match was highlighted by Denis Kelleher Munster Branch IRFU

“The game is particularly important as win will take Munster into the quarter final of the Heineken Cup. Castres were a very hard team to overcome in round 2 over in France, with one of the season most spectacular wins with a very late Ronan O Gara drop goal needed to Claim victory.”

The atmosphere was electrifying as the teams played to a packed out stadium for Munster to go on to win convincingly by 26 points to 10 points.undefined

Pat Falvey Speaks at Court of experts - Pat Falvey Corporate SERVICESOn the 30th November 2011 Leading Edge Group hosted a Court of Experts Seminar on "Managing Change" at the Fota Island Resort in Cork.

Pat Falvey was Keynote Speaker at the event.


"Thanks again to Pat for last week - Pat received 99% full satisfaction ratings which is a first!"

Joe Aherne

CEO, Leading Edge Group


Thursday, 24 November 2011 13:18

Enterprise Midwest - Pat Falvey Guest Speaker

Mountaineer and entrepreneur, Pat Falvey, helped the County and City Enterprise Boards launch the ‘Enterprise Mid-West’ initiative which was designed to help small business owners reach their full potential on the 22nd September.

enterprise midwest pat falvey

Speaking at the launch, Eamon Ryan said: “The Enterprise Boards in the Mid-West are collectively staging fourteen different events during the the month of October, which is the largest ever initiative of it’s kind in the region”. It also coincided with the 2011 European Week for SME’s.

The Enterprise focused on Kerry, Limerick, North Tipperary and Clare for the month of October as host counties of ‘Enterprise Mid-West’. Aimed at the small business community and those thinking of setting up a business, highlights of the event included an inspirational talk from Everest mountaineer, Pat Falvey in Co. Clare and the events were all either highly subsidised by Mid-West County and City Enterprise Boards or free of charge.



"Just to say how much I enjoyed your presentation in Woodstock on Wed night. It really hit the nail on the head for the audience. Thank you so much and good luck."

Eamon Ryan

Chief Executive Officer - Limerick City Enterprise Board

"Pat recently delivered a most inspiring presentation to a large group of owner/managers of SME’s in Ennis for Clare County Enterprise Board.  During his 90 minutes, Pat totally captivated his audience while openly sharing the highs and lows of his own life experiences encompassing many emotions that went from success to fear to despair and again turning a corner in his life to experience hope, self-worth, peace, elation and success once again.  I have no doubt those present went away that evening following Pat’s presentation, totally invigorated, with a renewed sense of hope and self belief for both their business and personal lives.  Definitely, the best presentation I’ve experienced – Pat continued success, may you go from strength to strength!"

All the best

Lucy Reidy - Asst. Chief Executive - Clare County Enterprise Board


See attached brochure of the event below.

Crossing the winning line together creates success.

One of the greatest attributes that we can have to create success throughout our lives as an individual, team, community, country, is to have the ability to work together in creating the environment that allows us as a people in no matter what sphere of life we are operating in, is our ability of working and helping each other to succeed and to celebrate when we do that, that we all will come across the winning line together to succeed.

Most of us aspire to this ideal, but in recent times we have as a nation, a people, forsaken what at one stage came natural to us. Now this realisation has throughout the world within successful companies and organisations is now being worked on to help organisation to come out of one of the worlds greatest recessions. WE as individuals, leaders and managers are realising the working together is far more beneficial the that of divided and conquer attributes that pertain to most over recent years.

More and More we are realising the benefit of having a united team with the motto of “all for one and one for all”. As concerned citizans of the world and family people these principles operated equally in the areas of business, country and family as well. The story of which I’d like to tell you this month is heart rendering, It is of 8th special Olympians who were running in the 1968 Seattle Special Olympics.

A story of coming across the winning line together:

8 athletes all at the starting line of the 100 yard sprint in what would be their greatest race, the tension as you can imagine is high as they wait for the start of their race. Each and everyone of them are excited at the challenge of competing for an Olympic meddle. They had trained hard for this day and they were competing to win a Gold, Silver or bronze meddle.

The stadium is full with 50,000 spectators who have come to support the athletes from around the world.

Starting line:

The race is about to being, all the athletes get down on their knees making ready for the race to start. On your marks, get set and the gun goes off win a load bang and their off .

All the athletes break loose from the starting blocks, but as they do, one of the girls comes off the starting blocks awkward and trips over her-self and falls to the ground.

Instantly the audiences who have been focused on the start of the race gives a huge sigh of total disbelief “Aha” As the other athletes are now thundering down the track something unusual happens. The 2nd last girl that is running see’s what has just happened, a second sigh goes out from the now amazed audience. The girl turns to walk back to the athlete that is now crying on the ground, Then even something more unusual happens when all of the other six girls who have realised what has happened to the girl who has fallen all stop and turn and walk back to the girl as well. An amazed audience watched as all 8 girls linked hands together and proceed down the track to the finishing line and crossed it together.

All 8 special Olympian athletes all received a meddle for what had been an amazing show of unity and by doing so all became winners.

If I can ask you to think of how we can within our lives take from this lesson of working together within our family, communities, organisation and countries help each other to do as these special athletes had done, to Come across the winning line together as a family, team, organisation country.

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Monday, 08 August 2011 21:58

Peter Mark (Wilton) Team Building Day

As part of our courses we have a number of fun days out that bonds teams of people together. As well as being fun, all of our events are geared to bring out the qualities that are required for teams to succeed - Planning; Cmmunication; Listening; Organizing & Implementation.

We cater for all size groups up to 100 on these activity based courses. We also run in house and conference based training courses for up to 500 people.

Brief on recent Team Day: Heavy showers were forecast as 18 souls from Peter Mark (Wilton) boarded their bus for a secret location, they were informed that they were going on a bootcamp. Alan and Darren (Bootcamp instructors) were waiting. As the team filed out of the bus, they were lined up and so began the induction to their day.

During the session, they were put through their paces doing physical and mental challenges. After each challenge, it was explained to the group why they did it and what learning was to be got from it.

At the end of the day all enjoyed home cooked pizza and light refreshments and left the secret bootcamp location as one happy Team.

These one day bootcamps  are proving to be very successful with companies that need that extra edge to creating team work within their companies. Let us know your requirements and we will have Pat or Tony contact you to organise your next training day out.

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Wednesday, 20 July 2011 17:29

VEC Education Staff Teambuilding - Cork

Vocational Educational Commitee choose Pat Falvey teambuilding for their organisations away day.

33 Administration staff from the VEC took part in a team away day in Jury’s Hotel Western Road Cork on. This was facilitated by Pat Falvey staff headed up by Tony Nation, Ian O'Neill, Darren Healy and Alan Walsh. First up was a topic on self defence which covered, definition, threat, awareness, attack, values and conflict, what makes a victim, stages of attack as well as all above participants were given practical demonstrations on self protection.

The second half of the morning was given over to team games with each game having a message to give to members of the staff. This covered the areas of communication, active listening, team participation, problem solving and setting goals. This was a highly active day with learning for all through fun and interaction.

More details of our teambuilding and company/organisation away days in our corporate services section,

View some photos from the day in our gallery

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Our studies have shown that in the Corporate World companies that have a healthy work force do better.

Because of this Pat Falvey and his team of trainers have developed a new initiative in corporate teambuilding in the workplace, at home and in the great outdoors.

These Programs  have grasped the imagination of companies and  is going from strength to strength with companies realizing both the importance and need to start to rebuild the confidence and bonding of their staff after the huge change of the last few years. We are working with both the companies and their Social clubs to encourage a walking fit program within organizations. Creating a healthy environment in fitness which in turn creates a healthy mind to take on the stress of work.

Fitness & Wellness Courses for companies Include:

Initial Fitness Assessment

Cardiovascular (aerobic exercises)

L.M.E. (muscular endurance)


Team building

Motivational training

Diet & nutritional advice

Weekly handouts


6 week progressive course taking place 1 session per week with a duration of 60 mins followed by flexibility improvement session.  2 instructors onsite each session.


Fitness goals

We at Pat Falvey will assist you and your team in setting personal fitness goals. Setting clear fitness goals is one of the fastest and most effective ways of ensuring that you and your team make progress with their workout and gain maximum benifit in results at work.

Many people work out without ever setting themselves fitness goals - beyond the very general one of "I want to get in shape" - and as a result fail to make satisfactory progress. Disappointed, they often quit.

However, if you  and your team set themselves clear fitness goals, and regularly update them, Then you and your team are using a powerful tool, proven successful in all kinds of fields. The key is to set fitness goals that are SMART. This means that they should be:

Specific: Can you or your team answer the W questions? Who, what, when, where, why. For example, "getting in shape" is not specific, but "Doing workout three times a week" is.

Measurable:  This usually involves numbers - thus "to run faster" is not measurable, but "Walking 5km in under 60 minutes" is.

Attainable:   Working out the steps involved in reaching a particular target will help you to figure out if it is attainable.

Realistic: To be realistic, you and your team must be working towards something that you are both willing and able to work for. This can be quite personal - for one person working towards climbing Carrauntoohil might indeed be realist, whereas for another it might be a fantasy.

Time-limited: Now you've figured out what you're going to do, the last step is to decide when you'll achieve it by. Having a time limit makes everyone much more focused on the end result.

We at Pat Falvey combine the three main areas of physical conditioning - cardio, strength, and flexibility. Where as in the past many practitioners focused on just one area - typically aerobic, or cardio training. At Pat Falvey our instructors are constantly updating and designing new program's  to incorporate much greater variety into each individual session.

This greater understanding and variety means that you'll get a better workout, with less chance of injury. It also means you're likely to have a more enjoyable time. So if you like group activities, enjoy the motivation of having others around you when you workout, then check  . There's bound to be something there that will not only be great fun, but will also get you and your team in shape.  For more information why not contact us.


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June 25th 2011 For yet another year, Pat had the pleasure of leading a Cork Branch of AIB Banks Sports & Summit Club on Carrauntoohil.

From briefing at 0930 until descend, the rain stayed with the group as they took on the challenge of attempting summit. Meeting up with the some of the (very wet) group later that evening in Kate Kearney's Cottage, it was evident that the weather did not dampen spirits and everyone throughly enjoyed their choosen away day climb.

''Thanks again for the support on the day. Always good to be out on the hills with you'' Lar Fant, AIB

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Friday, 01 July 2011 14:39

Kerry Way Cancer Research Walk

Press Release Falvey & Spillane Unite to Walk the Way for Cancer Research

kerry way cancer research walk launch

World renowned adventurer Pat Falvey and legendary Kerry footballer and sports pundit Pat     Spillane put County rivalries aside to launch the Kerry Way Cancer Research Walk 2011 in aid of Cork Cancer Research Centre.  Both men will take to the Kerry Way to lead over 250 walkers out during the 3 day hill walk which will take place on July 22nd, 23rd & 24th.

"Cancer affects so many people, through their own journey or through someone they know.  Taking on cancer is a daunting challenge which requires focus and determination, elements which are also needed for facing other challenges in life such as climbing Mount Everest walking to the North or South Pole.  However the greatest challenges cannot be achieved alone - it is the team supporting you that will help you get through.  Just like the team of people that I work with to achieve what most would say as impossible, the Cork Cancer Research Centre provides focus and determination to the challenge of bringing new treatments to cancer patients.  I'm delighted to be involved in this event and to lend my name and support as part of the fundraising efforts for cancer research, and to help combat cancer" commented adventurer Falvey.

"There are still too many people, family and friends who are affected by cancer.  The research this walk supports is the kind of cutting edge research that will change that.  Having heard about the work of the Cork Cancer Research Centre, I am delighted to join these trails and raise vital funds for their work".  "The Kerry Way provides a spectacular setting for this fun event and the three routes for 2011 are both stunning and challenging.  I'm looking forward to it." said legendary Kerry footballer.

Online registration is now open on the event website  All details regarding The Kerry Way kerry way cancer research walk launch Cancer Research Walk can be accessed on this user friendly site, which provides plenty of information and guidance regarding the walk routes, fundraising, accommodation, training, etc.  Participants can walk one, two or all three days.   Alternatively walkers can call the Development Office directly on 021 490 1437.

The Kerry Way Cancer Research Walk is a 71km three day fundraising event that has gone from strength to strength raising nearly €400,000 for cancer research in the past four years.  The 2010 event was a tremendous success with over 250 walkers, from counties all around Ireland braving all types of weather to make a positive impact on cancer and raise an astounding €75,000.  The event goal this year is to raise €100,000 for cancer research.

The three days of guided walks will start and finish each day in Kenmare and will incorporate impressive mountain views, dramatic peaks and glens, wild moorlands, wooded paths and lakes along the Kerry Way trails.  Challenging but fun, the great camaraderie on the route adds to the spectacular settings and ensures a truly memorable experience!

The routes over the three days include

Friday July 22nd               Sneem to Kenmare                                                        28km

  • Saturday July 23rd Lauragh to Kenmare 26km
  • Sunday July 25th Killarney to Kenmare 17km

Past supporters of the Kerry Way Cancer Research Walk include Sean Kelly, Dáithí Ó Sé, John McHenry, and Kevin Kehily.

Photographs include: World renowned adventurer Pat Falvey and legendary Kerry footballer and sports pundit Pat Spillane, Bláithín Kiernan and Patrick Murray, both walk leaders and members of the Kerry Way Cancer Research Walk organising committee.

Photographer:  MACMONAGLE PHOTOGRAPHY, Killarney


Editors Notes:

The Cork Cancer Research Centre (CCRC) is a multidisciplinary organisation that investigates major issues that concern the genesis, progression or treatment of cancer. Its purpose is to provide discovery and innovations that may be applied to the prevention of the cancer in the first place or to the development of more effective treatment strategies. Its foundation was based on the unshakeable belief that the cancer questions can be resolved and that we could create the capability to make significant contributions.

Since its inception in 1999, Cork Cancer Research Centre has been a leading force in developing new treatments for cancer patients that provide tangible benefits to those most in need of breakthroughs. Current research at the Centre is solving the critical challenge of secondary cancer and is directed at three research themes: Cell Death and Survival Mechanisms, Novel Therapeutics and related Devices and Gene Therapy. Cork Cancer Research Centre has also developed significant programmes in Prevention and Education.

The progress and success at the Centre has been through the scientific and personal initiatives that the CCRC has established with groups throughout the world. Vital to our success has been the core structure upon which multidisciplinary programmes are built. This approach ensures that we take the latest findings from clinical practice to the laboratory to focus our research. We then bring the latest research breakthroughs to the clinicians to apply our findings. The research work carried out at the Centre has already translated into five unique clinical studies.

From our modest beginnings with only two employees, the Centre has rapidly expanded in both size and significance, while never forgetting the central tenet of our task: To advance new cancer treatments through research. This continues to be our mission.

CCRC staff are located in laboratories and offices at the Mercy University Hospital and the Leslie C. Quick Jr. Laboratory, Biosciences Institute, UCC. Funds for the Centre are generated through research grants, voluntary fundraising efforts and private donations.

"Advancing New Treatments Through Research"

Registered Charity No: CHY 11831

For more information please contact Helena Slattery, Development Officer for Cork Cancer Research Centre on 021 4901437 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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