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Some of team taking in the views on Meet Day Hike

June 25th Meet Day/Fitness Assessment Weekend for the September Mount Kilimanjaro Team Members. 

What a weekend it was! Fourteen of the team were able to join us on our Free Meet Day offered to aid their preparation for their climb of Mt Kilimanjaro.

The aim of the day is to allow the team to meet with their guides and fellow trekkers, discuss the trek ahead, address any queries that may remain and run through the gear required.

We also hit the hills this weekend. We choose the route over Strickeen down into the Gap and crossed onto the 'Chimneys' to ascend Tomies Mountain. The routes we choose are part of Fitness Assessments covering terrains and exerting energy simular to that of a typical days trek.  

The benefit of this day has proved very successful over the past years and with most of the team staying to partake in the Night Hike, that together with the earlier hike simulates summit night.  The team left The Mountain Lodge on Sunday feeling ready to take on the challenge ahead.  



"Hi Lorraine, Thanks a million for a fantastic weekend. I can't wait until September!"  Kind Regards, Lisa


Two days of trekking in great company with good food and comfortable lodgings. Our Fitness Training Weekend for Trekkers is geared towards those wishing to take on a challenging trek or climb like Kilimanjaro, Elbrus or even Aconcagua and is recommended as part of a training plan. We suggest you complete this course early in your training plan or at least 2-3 months prior to departure. This course is an ideal way to assess your fitness level with a long day on the mountains while simulating the summit day by starting in the dark early on Day 2.

This course is designed for people who would like to use a guide to assess their fitness levels and to show them the fitness level required for trekking holidays that involve higher altitudes. (4000-6000+)


For more information on our Fitness Assessment Weekends or our expeditions to Africa and worldwide - contact us here at



African Tour Leader Gerry Walsh enjoying day on Tomies

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Congratulation's Megan..we will be in contact in the coming days to arrange delivery of your €200 voucher for use against any of Irish & Worldwide walks, treks, climbs or expeditions!

We know you have a keen interest in 'travel' and look forward to planning with you your adventure!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our stand and filled out our questionnaire. We are delighted to see so much interest in the outdoors and it was great to put faces to so many of you with whom we have spoken with in the past..and look forward to meeting again in coming months.


Tuesday, 31 May 2011 23:49
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Tony Nation and Ian O Neill led our first group on the Get Up, Get Out, Get Fit inititive.

The group walked from Carrigaline to Crosshaven and back. Everyone enjoyed the first of their 10 week walks plan that next week sees them heading to Ballyvorney for a 4 hour walk, as an introduction to uphill walking.

''It's just the kick I needed'' was just one of the comments from the group as the day came to an end.

To get more information on this fitness building program, call Tony +353 87 2757768 or contact us here at the office for details.


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And what an adventure weekend it's going to be!

We are just back from setting up our stand (No 19 & 20) - Having been given a sneak preview of what it in store, We can only say if you can come along, Do!

Find new ways to spend your time or develop your hobbies. Test the gear, try the activities and find out how to get involved in new adventure sports and holidays. We will be available throughout the weekend to meet with you and discuss your next adventure with Irish & Worldwide Adventures. We also have some giveaways at the stand so please visit us at 19 & 20 : See a floor plan PDF on download attachment link at the bottom of this article.

We have 2 tickets to give away enabling free entry on Saturday or Sunday, just text 'adventure' to 087 2594090 and a winner will be announced at 9pm friday evening. Competition Now Closed
Congratulation's Eddie Kavanagh of D24- See you over the weekend! We will be in touch to arrange for you to collect your tickets

Lorraine Gordon will be at the stand over the weekend to discuss Travel, Training & Expeditions

Tony Nation will be at the stand on Saturday & Sunday to discuss Bootcamps, Get Fit Programs & Teambuilding

Pat Falvey will be also be visiting the stand over the weekend and will speak at the 'Think Tank' supported by Outsider Magazine on Sunday at 13.30. See the Sunday Schedule below:

12.30 – Mark Flagler on tackling the International Appalachian Trails

13.30 – Irish explorer, Pat Falvey

14.30 – Adventure athlete, Mark Pollock, Geaorid Towey & Roisin Finlay

15.30 – The first Irish man to visit the deck of the Titanic, diver Rory Golden

16.30 – Ireland’s answer to Bear Grylls, Aebhric O’Kelly will speak about the psychology behind survival in the great outdoors

Have a look at Adventure weekend website for more details
Opening Times

Friday 20th May – 2pm-9pm

Saturday 21st May – 10am-9pm

Sunday 22nd May – 10am-7pm

Entrance prices

Adults: €15.00

Students & Seniors: €12.00

Children under 13 years: €6.00

Children under 3 years go free

Family Ticket: €40.00 (2 adults and 3 children)

Visit us at 19 & 20

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Mar 26th & 27th Saturday morning brought some of our June and September Kilimanjaro trekkers to the Mountain Lodge for a Fitness Assessment weekend in preparation for their adventure ahead.

The weekend kicked off with a briefing on the trek - a presentation, a gear demo & briefing and a tips/Q&A session. After lunch, the team hit the Reeks for a four hour non-stop tough ascent that was to simulate a typical days trek on Mount Kilimanjaro. On return the team broke for the evening- some departed for home, some went for dinner - all to return to the Lodge for midnight.

At midnight, we loaded up gear into cars and set off for the Gap of Dunloe. Ascending Purple Mountain, this Night Hike was to show what the Summit Night attempt on Mount Kilimanjaro would be like, following an earlier day's trekking to final camp. As we climbed pass the lake, an explaination of simularities that we were meeting such as loose scree terrain, false summits, walking with limited visions was topped of by the freezing winds we met as we summitted Purple. A chill factor of -6 to -8 really put gear to the test. Ian, our lead guide provided us with an introduction to Night Navagation as we continued along our path surrounded by quickly dropping cloud. After 6 hours, we commenced desent just before the 'Chimneys' bringing us down 100 meters from our parked car.

Reviews include 'a great weekend' 'very impressed with very professional service' 'having done weekend, I am really excited and looking forward to trekking with yea' 'great weekend by a great company'

Our next Meet Day/ Fitness Assessment for trekkers will be held in June with Fitness Assessments available all year round. Contact us for further info or to Book your place now!


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Camping Weekends

  • Overview

  • Camping

  • 3 Day Course

  • Group Adventure

  • Itinerary

  • Grade

  • Date

  • Prices

  • Gear

  • Extras

Trip: Camping Weekend


Altitude: 2000 to 2500ft (Varies according to location)

Route: Kerry Mountains - Cork Mountains - Clare Mountains - Wicklow Mountains - Connemara

Date: Summer & Autumn - TBD - contact us

Duration: Varies depending on the course chosen

Grade: Moderate

Price: Varies - contact us for pricing 


Camping Weekends & Survival Courses

That are suitable for all - young, old, male, female, experienced or a total novice to the outdoors. Individuals & Private Groups welcome.


We meet at one of our various locations throughout Ireland. After introductions, briefing (and maybe a light lunch!) your (survival) training begins. While all courses at the Pat Falvey School of Mountaineering have a course outline, skills are taught with a 'hands on' approach in an informal, fun environment by our fully trained and highly experienced trainers. 

A weekend of light weight camping & tuition in the uplands of Ireland. A wonderful experience to share with family, friends, work mates - all groups catered for. Skills gained include introduction into the outdoors, backwoods cooking, introduction to navigation skills & Ireland's upland flora & fauna.

Learn to keep your head in difficult situations! Gain skills by putting them into practice. Course involves sleeping in the great outdoors (in self built shelters), navigation skills (map work and nature), camp craft and:


  • Planning and Preparation for your time on the hills

  • Fire Lighting & Water Sourcing

  • Safety Measures & Essentail items to carry


  • Emergency procedures & Survival Equipment

  • S.O.S SignalsLooking for something different - Look no further! Learn how to make your own shelters, how to trap and prepare as well as cook your own food. An experience you will never forget. We can tailor your course to include special activities plus content as outlined in our 3 Day Survival Course. (surprise element!) Fun adventure weekend packed with activity!

  • Looking after yourself - Health & Hygiene

  • And lots more...

Looking for something different - Look no further! Learn how to make your own shelters, how to trap and prepare as well as cook your own food. An experience you will never forget. We can tailor your course to include special activities plus content as outlined in our 3 Day Survival Course. (surprise element!) Fun adventure weekend packed with activity!


Can be done to encourage bonding within families or a 'united' team approach within groups. Learn how to deal with situations as they arise! Children and adults cope differently and also in how they learn. A young child may not take in everything that they are taught but participation leads to learning. Skills learnt encourage young and old to 'have a sense about them'. We all do things at times without being prepared fully, either mentally or physically. To take the time to learn some of the essential survival skills, it might one day prove to be invaluable and save your life or someone elses. Skills learned outlined in 3 Day Survival Course


Just what your team needs to think as one! Combination of Survival Skills over 1, 2 or 3 Days to be tailored to suit your company's needs!

Friday evening - Sunday lunch time (or week day equivalent)


Contact us to discuss date availability 


Weekends can be aided or unaided


Trek: Moderate

Suitable to all and can be achieved by a beginner with training being provided as you go. A good level of fitness is desirable to allow you to enjoy your weekend



Summer & Autumn - Contact us to check availability. Dates Coming Soon!



Camping: €150per person - Minimum number: 8 - Maximum number 14


Survival Skills: €200 per person - Minimum number: 4 - Maximum number 10


Team Building Course: Contact us to discuss details of your event


Group Bookings & Discounts Available


Price includes:


  • Tentage & Cooking Equipment
  • Return transport to Start Point

Price excludes:


  • Personal items (See recommended Gear List)


Tentage and cooking gear supplied. Personal gear is your own!


  • 3-4 season sleeping bag

  • Walking stick

  • Day sack/backpack

  • Headtorch/headlamp

  • Basic First Aid Kit

  • Water bottle

  • Penknife (useful)

  • Clothing

  • Good walking boots and socks

  • Comfortable shoes/slippers for camp/guesthouse

  • Trekking pants

  • Lightweight waterproof over-trousers/rain-pants

  • Underwear including long johns

  • T-shirts

  • Fleece jacket or warm jumper

  • Lightweight windproof/waterproof jacket

  • Hat

  • Sunglasses (summer) Goggles (Winter)

  • Lightweight thermal or fleece gloves



  • Personal items (e.g. towel, sunscreen, wipes, toilet tissues, antibacterial handwash)

  • Small First Aid Kit including insect repellent, plasters, meds & repair Kit (i.e needle, thread, duct tape)

  • Small rubbish bag to carry out what you carry in. LEAVE NO TRACE!

  • Matches or a lighter - e.g. burn toilet paper

  • Trail snacks

  • Zip-Up bags for camera




We offer Free Pick Up & Drop Off service within a 15 mile radius of the start/end point. Accommodation can be arranged for nights pre & post course. Contact us for details.


All course participants receive a Completion Certificate at the end of the course.


Food: During the course, nature will provide your meals (with meat/ poultry being supplied) vegetarians, vegans or special dietary requirements can be catered for. Just let us know what you need!

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Climb Fit Cor  Kerry

  • Overview

  • Grade

  • Date

  • Price

  • Itinerary

  • Gear

Trip: 10 Week Walking Camp (Introduction to the Hills of Ireland)

Route: Kerry Mountains - Cork Mountains

Date: Summer - Autumn - contact us

Duration: 10 Weeks (9 half days & 1 full day)

Grade: Easy building to Moderate

Price: €200 per person

Get fit and enjoy an introduction to the wilds of Kerry and Cork. This 10 week fitness and appreciation course with the Pat Falvey School of Mountaineering is not only aimed at improving your fitness. This course will also provide you with an introduction to navigation, safety and an appreciation of the wild and wonderful outdoors.

Beginners - Intermediate

Summer & Autumn dates available.  Contact us

Price: €200 per person - Minimum number - 8 - Maximum number 20

Price includes: Guides

Price does not include: Transport, Food, Gear

Location to be decided with your team

9 x half day guided walks in various terrains
1 x full day expedition

Gear supplied: Maps, Compass, First Aid Kit


Gear Required:

Equipment: Walking stick, day sack/backpack, headtorch/headlamp, basic first aid kit, water bottle


Clothing: Good walking boots and socks, trekking pants, lightweight waterproof over-trousers/rain-pants, t-shirts, fleece jacket or warm jumper, lightweight windproof/waterproof jacket, hat, lightweight thermal or fleece gloves.


Other: Personal items (e.g. towel, sunscreen, wipes, toilet tissues, antibacterial handwash), small rubbish bag to carry out what you carry in - LEAVE NO TRACE, matches or a lighter e.g. to burn toilet paper, trail snacks and zip-up bags for camera.



Tuesday, 21 September 2010 16:23

Today in the Cork Examiner -  The team claims they have reached their Everest after been swept from their goal on many occasions in rescent years!  Just as they were about to reach their summit beaten by the Green and Gold avalanche of their neighbours Kerry. (insert smile here) 

In reaching their summit today they contribute one of the elements to their success was their miliarty boot camp training in Bear Island last Easter on the 2nd of April.

The squad’s training camp in Bere Island off West Cork earlier this year – details of which were revealed in his All-Ireland diary in yesterday’s Irish Examiner by John Hayes – has been identified as a pivotal moment in their season.

Read more:

This contributed to their belief of never giving up until the final whistle and that getting to the top was like eating an elephant that it was to take each stage of the game like eating the elephant and that was to take each stage bite by bite and to never give up until they had the elephant eaten.

Pat Falvey Boot camps for your next training session.

Contact us today -



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“Life is like a mountain, and we all have mountains to climb, we all have an Everest”.

Pat Falvey, world-renowned adventurer and Expedition Leader

Press Release:

The Hope Foundation launched its Celebrity Expedition HOPE Everest to an excited audience this evening at Basecamp Adventure and Travel Store, Dublin. Donal McIntyre, Rob Ross, Philip Gray, George Mc Mahon, Teena Gates and Jenny Kavanagh were announced as the brave personalities who will take part in this a two-part challenge to raise funds for The Hope Foundation. The team will leave on September 30th and will spend twenty two days taking on this mammoth challenge.

The challenge is in two phases: the team will first climb to Everest Base Camp and then some will go on to climb to Island Peak, which is at 20,305 feet. This will be a really tough challenge, requiring ice picks and ice crampons in their boots and the team will be tied together with ropes to reach the ice field!

The expedition will be led by experienced mountaineer Pat Falvey, who has climbed the seven highest mountains on the Seven Continents twice, including Mt Everest from Nepal and Tibet. Pat is also experienced in leadership and motivation and is sure to build great team spirit among the participants.

Hon Director of The Hope Foundation, Maureen Forrest said: “Every child on the streets of Calcutta is facing an Everest each day; their lives are about survival. HOPE is working to change that with over 60 projects that enable children to go to school, to be cared for, to stay healthy and to break the cycle of poverty. I thank the team from the bottom of my heart for taking time out to be part of this great expedition to change children’s lives”. see video of Kids in Calcutta.

People around the country will also have a chance to get involved in this expedition as HOPE has three unique ideas to let the supporters become part of the team. The first is the Every Step Counts campaign, which will see gyms and health clubs ‘step’ with the team. Total Fitness are the first gym to come on board and support this campaign. The Sign the Flag campaign urges schools, businesses, groups and communities to sign a specially designed flag which will be brought by the team and put on Everest. The third is the Mobile Mountain campaign where you can drop your old phone into Basecamp Adventure Store and hopefully they can make a ‘mountain’ out of the amount they have received.

To get involved or learn more check out

The launch night was kindly sponsored by Basecamp store and Jaipur Restaurant.

Some pictures of celebrity's training in Ireland.


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Name: Ian O Neill

Role: Trainer

Experience: Ian is an avid climber with over 20 years experience behind him. He is a frequent visitor to the Scottish highlands. As a lead trainer in Scouting Ireland he has written several courses for their adult leaders including their only internal mountain navigation course. After nearly twenty years in sales, he is now dedicating his time to the activities he most enjoys - walking and training.


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