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The Skelligs

Our first trip to the Skelligs this year was a great success. The weather was perfect so the boats could make the trip and drop us off at this amazing Island.

The Island is getting a lot more visitors since Hollywood came to town in the shape of Star Wars. Its good to see some people interested in the site steeped in such a rich history.

People in boatView of rocks and little skelligs

We started our day in Portmagee and went out to the Skelligs. This takes about 45mins to get out to the Island. We then climbed up to the monetary taking in the views as we went. It doesn’t take that long to go up and down the Skelligs. Three hours in total but the sites you see, stop you in your tracks and make you linger.


When reach the top you are treated to a spectacular vista looking back in to the shores of Ireland or out to the vast ocean of the Atlantic. You think to yourself how did anyone build anything here and then survive for years out in the harsh piece of rock. We were out on a good day but imagining it on a bad day made me shiver.

The journey down the steep steps did not take long and we were back on to the boat in no time. We then took a trip around by the little Skelligs, which is a bird sanctuary. As we approached the sounds of birds calling out became louder and louder, an amazing sight and sound as well as picturesque.

Steep stepslittle skelligs plus birds

We then arrived back at port and made the small journey to Bray Head an old look out position. We did yoga as the sun stayed shining above us until it was time to go home. A truly relaxing and spiritual experience.  



A little history about the Skelligs 

The Skelligs comprises of two remote sea crags; Skellig Michael, known as the Great Skellig and its smaller neighbour, Little Skellig. They date back to the sixth century, when a group of early Christian monks settled on Skellig Michael, founding a monastery there. The well-preserved hermitage and monastic remains can still be found on the island, despite the monks leaving in the 13th century.  

This fascinating site, as well as the general wildness of the rugged island, gives an incredible glimpse into the lives of the monks. The monastery is perched on a ledge an astonishing 160m above sea level and faces south, protecting those inside from the prevailing winds.  

Visitors must take care while following in the monks’ footsteps. The 618 winding stone steps are uneven and irregular, though this is to be expected considering they’re almost 1,500 years old! At the top, there are six beehive huts, a church dedicated to St. Michael, a walled garden and an early oratory. These impressive artifacts prompted the islands to be added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1996.

The well-preserved monastic remains have retained a strong spiritual after-life, which appeals strongly to the human psyche. Visitors cannot but be awestruck by the physical achievements of these early monks which, when combined with the sense of solitude, ocean and bird sounds evokes a quiet sense of magic.    

The Skelligs is also one of the country’s most important sites for breeding seabirds, as its steep slopes and cliffs provide the perfect nesting places. On the smaller island you’ll find the second largest colony of gannets in the world. In fact it’s home to over 27,000 pairs, as well as puffins, Arctic terns, black guillemots, herring gulls and many more. 



Pictures courtesy of John Higgs - Irish and Worldwide Adventures - Guide and Instructor.

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Joe OLeary

Joe O'Leary is a guide for Ireland, Africa, Russia and in the Himalayas. Trainer & Expedition Co-ordinator.  He is a secondary school teacher at Bishopstown Community School in Co. Cork. He has been a long serving member of the school's board of management and has served as principal and assistant principal.  Joe's passion remains in hands-on education and over the years he has led numerous groups of pupils on teambuilding and adventure activities both in Ireland and abroad.


Joe has worked with Transition Year Students winning many awards over the years, Joe is a skilled mountain leader and an avid skier. He has guided on many of international treks and expeditions to Africa, Russia and the Himalayas.

In 1995 he accompanied Pat in scaling the first summit of his seven summits' challenge, Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. He has been a coordinator of Pat Falvey's challenges in both logistics and equipment design.


Through his long association with outdoor adventure, Joe has developed an active enthusiasm for environmental issues. He is particularly outspoken on the dangers of global warming and believes that it is only through education that we can hope to protect the future of our planet for future generations.

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Tony Nation

Tony's love for adventure has taken him to many regions of our planet,  he enjoys leading groups in Ireland, Africa, Russia, Nepal and South America.  Like many of our adventure guides and trainers his passion is that of communication and instilling the culture of the places we visit to those that join in our our adventures and courses.  He is also one of our leading Irish guides with special knowledge in the Cork and Kerry hills and mountains.


He is a father of  four Sean, Damien, Sara and Timothy and from a very early age to instill adventure to his children became involved with his wife Mary as a leading light in Scouting Ireland, giving of his time voluntary for over 20 years to promote the adventurous spirit in children.


He is a County Commissioner for Cork South and heavily involved in training new Leaders and delivering Mountain Skills training to all Leaders and Scouters. Tony is a great storyteller, has a passion for the outdoors, enjoys good food and after a hard day on the hills a few pints in good atmosphere.


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Hidden Kerry

  • Overview

  • Archaeological Walk

  • A Sacred Mountain

  • Valentia Island Experience

  • Your Guide


Discover the hidden treasures that Kerry’s wild and windswept landscape have to offer, from remote valleys and soaring peaks to tranquil lakes and rugged coastal cliffs. Explore some 5,000 years of history, archaeology and culture set amongst some of the most spectacular and inspiring scenery in the Ireland. Experience a magical and memorable time in a truly unforgettable land and, leave, with a sense of the real Kerry, refreshed, relaxed and renewed.


Off the beaten track...On the remote mountain passes of Ballaghisheen and Ballaghabeama...along the windswept coastal cliffs at Culloo and the tranquil shores of Lough Cloon and valleys nestled beneath the McGillycuddy Reeks and in sheltered coves and sandy beaches, that all hide a myriad of secrets.


It was with this in mind that Hidden Kerry Tours was established, to introduce and provide the discerning tourist, traveller, trekker and rambler alike, with an intimate appreciation and understanding of the landscape, it's flora, fauna and numerous archaeological and historical monuments.


Tours are conducted at a leisurely and relaxed pace, enabling the guest to savour all this wonderful region has to offer. Come and join us for an unforgettable experience. You won’t be disappointed.


 Altitude/Distance: 350m/14km


 Route: Ballinskelligs-Boolakeel-Kildreelig-Bolus-Canuig-Coom

 Date: All Year - Contact us 

 Duration: 7-8 hours

 Grade: Easy

 Price: €50per person (min 6) Group rates available


The Ballinskelligs to Bolus walk offers the visitor the perfect introduction to this beautiful area. Beginning on the golden sands of Ballinskelligs beach, then following the coast to the signalling tower on the summit of Bolus Head and culminating at the wedge tomb in Coom, there is something for everyone on this tour. Whether you are a nature enthusiast, an archaeology or history buff, a photographer or simply a keen rambler with a passion for the outdoors, you will not be disappointed.

What makes it special? Along the way we will visit a number of fascinating archaeological monuments, including the McCarthy Mor Tower House, a 12th century Augustinian abbey, a Bronze Age stone alignment, an early medieval monastic settlement and many other sites of interest. Photographic opportunities abound with some of the most spectacular coastal and island scenery the west of Ireland has to offer.


Meeting Point: Ballinskelligs Beach Carpark (10.00am) 

Note: This route is also offered as part of a larger package. Please refer to ‘The Skellig Ring Tour’ which can done as either a three day walking tour or a single day drive/walk combination tour.


Inclusions: Guide and information
Exclusions: Lunch, refreshments and transport


Gear Required:

Due to the variable nature of the Irish climate, it is not unusual for the weather to change quite suddenly, particularly along the coast or in the mountains. It is therefore advisable to prepare for any possibility and check the weather forecast prior to the commencing the walk.
• Waterproof/ windproof outer layer
• Warm inner and mid-layer
• Suitable footwear, preferably waterproof hiking or mountaineering boots
• Change of socks
• Hat and gloves
• Walking poles (optional)
• Small Rucksack
• Insect repellent (for midges in the summer)
• Packed lunch (once we depart Ballinskelligs, there is no place along the way to purchase refreshments)
• 1-2 litres of water
• Camera (to capture all that fantastic scenery)

 Altitude/Distance: 690/14km 


 Route: Cahersiveen-Ballycarbery-Cooscrom-Coonana-Knocknatobar-Cahersiveen 

 Date: All Year - Contact us

 Duration: 7-8 Hours or 8-10 Hours

 Grade: Moderate

 Price: €50per person (min 6) Group rates available


Note: Climbing Knocknatobar is optional and requires an earlier departure time

As the name suggests, there is something for everyone on this walk. Discover the rarely visited rugged coastline from Cooscrom to Coonana with it's abundance of birdlife, hidden coves, dramatic sea stacks and an impressive blow-holes. Explore the remains of ancient forts and scale Knocknatobar, along the centuries old pilgrims route. A great geographical and cultural introduction to the area, with stunning scenery from start to finish.

What makes it special? We begin our walk at the Cahersiveen Heritage Centre and continue to the idyllically located Ballycarbery Castle. From here we will visit two fine ringforts, Cahergal and Leacanabuaile, both displaying some exceptionally well preserved features of early medieval domestic settlements. Next port of call is Cooscrom Harbour, where we follow the coast to Coonana, encountering along the way an impressive sea stack and a coastal blow-hole in addition to outstanding views of the Blasket Islands and the Dingle Peninsula. For those taking the Knocknatobar option, we follow the Pilgrims route to the summit where there are unparalleled 360 degree views of the surrounding countryside.

Meeting Point: Cahersiveen Heritage Centre (10.00am)

Inclusions: Guide and Information
Exclusions: Lunch, refreshments and transport

Gear required:

Due to the variable nature of the Irish climate, it is not unusual for the weather to change quite suddenly, particularly along the coast or in the mountains. It is therefore advisable to prepare for any possibility and check the weather forecast prior to the commencing the walk.
• Waterproof/ windproof outer layer
• Warm inner and mid-layer
• Suitable footwear, preferably waterproof hiking or mountaineering boots
• Change of socks
• Hat and gloves
• Walking poles (optional)
• Small Rucksack
• Insect repellent (for midges in the summer)
• Packed Lunch and energy snacks (once we depart Cahersiveen, there is no place along the way to purchase refreshments)
• 2 litres of water (more if one chooses the Knocknatobar Option)
• Camera (to capture all that fantastic scenery)

 Altitude/Distance: 266m/14km 


 Route: Portmagee-Bray Head-Culloo-Geokaun-Dohilla-Glanleam-Knightstown

 Date: All Year - Contact us

 Duration: 7-8 hours

 Grade: Easy

 Price: €50per person (min 6) Group rates available


A truly beautiful walk that offers the visitor the chance to discover a wide variety of landscapes in a relatively small geographical area. Dramatic coastal cliffs, rolling hills, desolate windswept boglands, and semi-tropical gardens are just some of highlights encountered on Ireland's second largest island.
Along the way we will visit a number of well preserved archaeological sites, experience the island's diverse flora and fauna and see some of the oldest footprints known on the planet. All this set against a backdrop of some of the most awe inspiring scenery the south west of Ireland has to offer.

What makes it special? Crossing from the mainland to Valentia Island, we will first visit the Skellig Experience, a heritage centre providing a detailed cinematic, pictorial and literal account of the archaeology and natural environment on the Skelligs.

From here we will continue to Bray Head, and follow the pathway to the 18th century signal tower, along the way stopping to explore the remains of some booleying huts and the remnants of a prehistoric trackway and field system.

From the signal tower we will continue along the cliffs to the north, with stunning views of the Blasket Islands and Dingle Peninsula, until we reach Culloo and it's wonderful rockscape, where again we explore some prehistoric sites, a holy well dedicated to St Brendan and some enigmatic stone crosses.

Following the coast to Fogher cliffs, we will begin the ascent to Geokaun viewing point, the highest point on the island, which provides unrivalled 360 degree views of the surrounding countryside, with Dingle to the north, the Skelligs to the west, the MacGillycuddy's Reeks to east and the Portmagee channel to the south.

From Geokaun, we decend to the Valentia slate quarries and grotto, then to the Dohilla to view the world renowned tetrapod footprints believed to be in excess of 350 million years old, followed by a short jouney through lush vegatation to Glanleam and its famed tropical gardens and finally Knightsown, the principle village on the island, where one will have the opportunity to browse some of artisan shops and cafes and relax before our return to Portmagee. Other sites of interest may also be included in the itenerary, but are dependant on time and weather constraints.

Meeting Point: Carpark at bridge in Portmagee (10.00am)

Note: This route is also offered as part of a larger package. ‘The Skellig Ring Tour’ can done as either a three day walking tour or a single day drive/walk combination tour. Contact us for more details.

Inclusions: Guide and information
Exclusions: Lunch, refreshments and transport

Gear required:

Due to the variable nature of the Irish climate, it is not unusual for the weather to change quite suddenly, particularly along the coast or in the mountains. It is therefore advisable to prepare for any possibility and check the weather forecast prior to the commencing the walk.
• Waterproof/windproof outer layer
• Warm inner and mid-layer
• Suitable footwear, preferably waterproof hiking or mountaineering boots
• Change of socks
• Hat and gloves
• Walking poles (optional)
• Small Rucksack
• Insect repellent (for midges in the summer)
• Packed Lunch (once we depart Portmagee, there is no place along the way to purchase refreshments)
• 1-2 litres of water
• Camera (to capture all that fantastic scenery)




Dan O Meara



Dan O’ Meara, an archaeologist, has worked and travelled extensively in Asia, North Africa, South America and Europe.


Now settled in Ballinskelligs, but describing himself as the 'consummate wanderer', he has taken to guiding visitors to the lesser seen but equally beautiful attractions his adoptive county has to offer.


Outside of travel, his other passions include kayaking, photography, anything prehistoric and a few pints of the black stuff after a good days hiking!














Friday, 01 July 2011 00:43

Hi Lorraine,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for arranging our Carrauntoohil Climb last Saturday. It was a brilliant experience and we really enjoyed it despite the weather! (It just means we may come back again to see the scenery!) Ian and Tony were great and kept us going along the way and I was thrilled to get the chance to meet Pat Falvey.

Thanks again!

Goat on the edge - Carrauntoohil










To arrange your ascent of Corrantouhil or any of Ireland's Highest Mountains - contact us here at


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Company Away Day & Teambuilding in Killarney

50 Staff from the Merck Sharp and Dohme OPS1 Manufacturing plant in Cork assembled at Kate Kearney’s Cottage in Killarney at 10:00 on Friday morning 17 June 2011 for a team building and bonding active day out in the beautiful surrounding of Ireland most spectacular landscapes of mountains, lakes and valleys. The day included a variety of activities the stimulated the mind and body. Incorporating Get up, get out, get fit with team building activities that was incorporated throughout the day to include communication, process, listening and thrust skills all with the goal in mind of an enjoyable team day.

Brief on day:

The weather forecast was not good but luckily several hours of downpour had passed before the company arrived, maybe the gods are looking down on us today. After tea and coffee in Kate’,s Pat Falvey Ireland's leading team building facilitators gave an introduction to his team and the schedule for the day before a brief presentation on his life as an Entrepreneur- Adventurer- Explorer and the challenges that faced him throughout his life of success, failure, learning and the challenge of change. Following this the group got their first challenge which divided them up into teams.



Outside Kate's the fun begins as the next challenge was to subdivide the groups into two and then to do a challenge game called Traffic Jam. This involved team members getting across steeping stones and exchanging their side for the other side starting the day learning communication & cooperation and process with an element of frustration built in.

All teams then started their walk through the majestical Gap of Dunloe to Lord Brandon’s Cottage. The day was glorious and the pace just fine as we weaved our way through one of Irelands best examples of a glaciated valley. Apart from meeting local horsemen, sheep and the odd tourist they had to find locations on their map which gave clues to a Murder Mystery. This is to introduce the group into the concept of “Why, What, Where, When, Who”. On reaching Lord Brandon’s lunch was served just as the 1st rain shower of the day approached.


merck2011_02After lunch the group had to complete four more challenges. One was to get people to walk around a rope which was supported by team members. The object of this game is all about trust and how we as a team support we can each other. The stick game was next on the agenda and the object of this is to get the team working together. A Navigating game was used to introduce people to problem solving and if an answer was wrong to direct them back to the last correct known answer. Using a printed image, another game was to introduce the group to the concept that as individuals we all have some of the picture but together we can see the big picture. Throughout the tasks there was confusion, discussion, frustration, laughing and plenty of fun.

When all had completed their tasks, Pat gave a talk on following your dreams and that its not enough just to want something but you have to do something to make your dreams come true.


Many thanks to the boatmen, staff at Kates & Lord Brandons and especially to the Merck team who travelled down for the day to participate, it was a great day throughout!!

Report: Tony Nation & Niall Foley

If you are interested in a company away day, teambuilding activities or personal development be sure to contact us.

View some photos from the day in our gallery

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The Secret of the Stone. (film/tv) documentary

Patrick Morell international film maker, French director living in the US for the last 35 years and his assistant Archie Linval, were over with me this week doing a film piece on the Reeks and looking for the Secret of the Stone. I thought this was a crazy notion and yet I was interested in the project. There were times I felt that we were looking for some lost treasure or power like in the film Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Patrick of course being Indiana Jones.

With camera in hand we investigated some ancient pre-historic sites around Ireland's highest mountains "the Reeks" for a preparation of a treatment for a four part series on ancient Ireland. We recruited one of my best friends, Con Moriarty who has an incredible knowledge of these sites around Kerry as well as a incredible passion for Irish history and culture and folklore. 


Before moving onto the second half of the week's filming which was based at the Kildreelig Artist Village, an old stone village dating back to the 6th or 7th century, situated near Waterville, Co. Kerry, Ireland. At Kildreelig a number of houses have been rebuilt and refurbished and are used by well known artists as artist retreats throughout the year.

Among the local attractions filmed by Patrick with local historian and archaeologist Dan O Meara, were the McCarthy Castle & Abbey (built on the Isthmus to defend the place from pirates), Kilrellig (early Christian monastic settlement ruins located beside the road to Bolus Head), the Kildreelig Alignment (an alignment of four standing stones which is the reputed burial place of the Milesian leader Erannan), Wedge Grave (situated at Coom, Ballinskelligs) and the Irish Romanesque structure Killemlagh Church, built on the site of Saint Finan's original settlement. The majority of the ruins are inside a stout circular rampart which has all the massive appearance of the local circular stone forts. South of this church is the "Pagan's Grave", an enclosure of standing stones.

Before filming on one of the world's most famous monastic sites on the windswept Skellig Rock.


In search of the Secret of the Stone, nuts I thought but what a fascinating week it was, learning about our Irish past.

Patrick Morell has done cultural documentaries in Nepal, Tibet, Russia, Alaska and many more interesting places around the world. I'm really looking forward to the preparation of his vision on our Irish past and we are looking forward to the edit of his filming and his interpretation of our Irish landscape, history and culture. I'm looking forward to working further with Patrick in the future through our TV and Film Production Division.

Special thanks to Noelle Campbell-Sharp for her encouragement towards the project, to Kildreelig Artist Retreat Centre, to Con Moriarty local historian on the Reeks and Dan O Meara archaeologist on the Iveragh peninsula.

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Congratulation's Megan..we will be in contact in the coming days to arrange delivery of your €200 voucher for use against any of Irish & Worldwide walks, treks, climbs or expeditions!

We know you have a keen interest in 'travel' and look forward to planning with you your adventure!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our stand and filled out our questionnaire. We are delighted to see so much interest in the outdoors and it was great to put faces to so many of you with whom we have spoken with in the past..and look forward to meeting again in coming months.


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And what an adventure weekend it's going to be!

We are just back from setting up our stand (No 19 & 20) - Having been given a sneak preview of what it in store, We can only say if you can come along, Do!

Find new ways to spend your time or develop your hobbies. Test the gear, try the activities and find out how to get involved in new adventure sports and holidays. We will be available throughout the weekend to meet with you and discuss your next adventure with Irish & Worldwide Adventures. We also have some giveaways at the stand so please visit us at 19 & 20 : See a floor plan PDF on download attachment link at the bottom of this article.

We have 2 tickets to give away enabling free entry on Saturday or Sunday, just text 'adventure' to 087 2594090 and a winner will be announced at 9pm friday evening. Competition Now Closed
Congratulation's Eddie Kavanagh of D24- See you over the weekend! We will be in touch to arrange for you to collect your tickets

Lorraine Gordon will be at the stand over the weekend to discuss Travel, Training & Expeditions

Tony Nation will be at the stand on Saturday & Sunday to discuss Bootcamps, Get Fit Programs & Teambuilding

Pat Falvey will be also be visiting the stand over the weekend and will speak at the 'Think Tank' supported by Outsider Magazine on Sunday at 13.30. See the Sunday Schedule below:

12.30 – Mark Flagler on tackling the International Appalachian Trails

13.30 – Irish explorer, Pat Falvey

14.30 – Adventure athlete, Mark Pollock, Geaorid Towey & Roisin Finlay

15.30 – The first Irish man to visit the deck of the Titanic, diver Rory Golden

16.30 – Ireland’s answer to Bear Grylls, Aebhric O’Kelly will speak about the psychology behind survival in the great outdoors

Have a look at Adventure weekend website for more details
Opening Times

Friday 20th May – 2pm-9pm

Saturday 21st May – 10am-9pm

Sunday 22nd May – 10am-7pm

Entrance prices

Adults: €15.00

Students & Seniors: €12.00

Children under 13 years: €6.00

Children under 3 years go free

Family Ticket: €40.00 (2 adults and 3 children)

Visit us at 19 & 20

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 Reeks Challenge

  • Overview

  • Inclusions

  • Gear

  • Private Groups

Trip: The Reeks Challenge

Altitude/Distance: 750m/19kms approx

Route: McGillycuddy Reeks

Date: All Year - contact us for details and dates 

Duration: 9-12hrs (Early start required)

Grade: Trek- Moderate/ Strenuous

Price: €230 per person - Residential

Join us on our Reeks Challenge - Nine to Twelve of Ireland's highest mountains in one day!

With the Macgillycuddy Reeks encompassing eleven of Ireland's fourteen +900ft peaks, can you imagine a more picturesque way of spending a day than traversing across many of the Reek's 27 peaks?

Breathtaking scenery will be an ongoing reward as you cross Ireland's roof top with our experienced, local guides, whose tales of the lands you cross will bring you closer to the remote landscape you will encounter. And as if that wasn't enough, completing this challenge will also take you through some of the best Grade 1 scrambling you will find within the country.

Price includes:

  • Experienced Guides

  • Transfers to/from start point

  • 2 Nights of Accommodation in the Mountain Lodge

  • 1 evening meal

Below is a recommended basic hillwalking gear list. If you have some or most of the items - great! If you don't, please contact us as there is no problem arranging some options from the guide on the day. You will find the more you hillwalk, the more likely you'll spend money on good gear. There are very good reasons why people purchase expensive gear and that is to keep them dry, warm and comfortable even in the most extreme conditions. This is very important during colder conditions. You do not have to buy all of the below unless you are going to do more in near future, but if possible try to borrow some and we can give you some advice on the day before you buy your own. Also most ski-wear is suitable, although the heavier items, more so in winter.

  • One pair of good walking/mountaineering boots.

  • Socks

  • Thermal top base

  • Good fleece or softshell.

  • Trekking pants in summer,

  • Thermal fleece pants in winter

  • Wind and water proofs (Gore-Tex or similar): Jacket and Trousers.

  • Head gear: thermal hat and/or sunhat (Buff, neck gaiter, optional) or balaclava in winter

  • Adjustable ski poles, Leki or similar - optional*

  • 1/2 Lt Waterbottles or platypus in its own plastic bag

  • Lunch consisting of sandwich/snack and sweets, seeds, oatbars or fruit (keep in plastic bag) - Extra Snacks!!

  • Small Rucksack big enough to carry your spares and Lunch. (Line this with strong black bag)

  • Spare Top mid layer, socks and gloves

  • Camera with good battery and memory capacity

  • 1 x Flask with hot drink- optional*

The most popular option for many of our clients.

We regularly organise day long excursions, weekend & mid-week breaks and outings for individuals, corporate groups, sports teams, families and friends. The benefits are endless and we can organise all the logistics for you, from transport to accommodation, team building, military bootcamps, walking, trekking, abseiling....the activities are endless. We are your one stop adventure company who pride ourselves on providing the best of adventures in some of the most beautiful locations in the world.

Please contact our office to further discuss the benefits of a private course or guided walk/expedition you would like to challenge your team, group, family or friends!



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