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Just to let you know that the programme broadcast with Deirdre Walsh and Pat Falvey on Radio Kerry last Summer (which incidentally won a PPI National Radio Programming Award last October) will be re-broadcast on December 31st at 6.15pm.


Friday, 17 October 2008 00:00
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At the National PPI Radio Awards Ceremony, held on Friday 10th October, 2008 in the Lyrath Estate Hotel, Kilkenny, Radio Kerry won a bronze award in the category of Specialist Speech Programme called ‘Ask the Explorer’ - during which the Explorer and Adventurer, Pat Falvey, answered questions put to him by presenter Deirdre Walsh and by school children from all over Kerry - about the Expedition which he successfully led on foot to the South Pole in January of this year.

Pat stated, “I am delighted that in a small way that I can contribute to education through this form of program and I’d like to thank those at Radio Kerry for the initiative of running with this idea of “Ask The Explorer” which gave children an insight of Antarctica, its history and wildlife in an exciting format.”


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Monday, 16 June 2008 00:00
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Kerry County Council hold Civic Reception For Pat Falvey.

Pat Falvey, Cork born but Kerry adopted, was presented with a hand carved impression of his predecessor Tom Crean this week when he was honoured by Kerry County Council.  The Mayor of Kerry described Pat Falvey as the ultimate survivor. " He endured what had to be absolute agony on his trek of 1,140km with his team to the South Pole......."

County Manager Tom Curran sais that the civic reception hosted for the adventurer paled into insignificance when compared to his achievements...

Pat thanked the people of Kerry for this great honour and proudly spoke of our great connections in Cork and Kerry, of our polar history and of our sung and unsung heroes. He also paid tribute to his own team Of Dr Clare O'Leary, Shaun Menzies and Jonathon Bradshaw, as well as the rest of his unsung heroes and the rest of the team, Those manning the stations here in Ireland and the millions of people who had been following their adventurers. Success is a team effort....

Source The Kerryman. Picture Dominic Walsh.

Left to right. Kerry County Manager, Tom Curran. Mayor of Kerry, Michael Healy Rae. Abina Falvey, Pat Falvey and Tim Falvey


Wednesday, 23 July 2008 00:00

A small group came down for a fitness preparation with a night climb on the 19th July. They were Willie Carney, Enda Cahill (Elbrus), Chris Mullane, Una Carney and Douglas Keppel, John, Jerry and Niall.

19th July, Route, O'Shea's - Devils Ladder

Night climb
20th July, Kates - Strickeen - Cnoc na Broca


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Monday, 19 January 2009 00:00

It is my second time out with John, but this time I called him the night before to warn him off going as the conditions were fairly poor: Lots of snow, high winds etc.

He said he wanted to go anyway so we met up at Kate's and said we go as far as we can on Corran Tuathail. After a stunning walk in, it seemed we were the only ones there as there was no other cars at Lislebane.

It could have been anywhere, the Alps, Norway... we rose up around the corner overlooking Lough Gouragh and enjoyed an amazing view forward with the summit clear and white.

We tackled the 2 steps on the ascent up to bring us on to the flat area below the mountain rescue hut which was covered in snow ankle height or a little more. The conditions were still ok apart from a mini twister collecting loads of spindrift and funnelling it up into the air and dispersed as it moved from the rescue hut over to the scee slopes we were about to accend. All of the group were ok and wanted more so we headed off and up. As we reached the middle flat ground before the final short gully beside the waterfall up to Cummeenoughter Lake, it was now snowing hard with visibility down to 30m. We pressed on finding the last bit tough and icy and when we finally got to the lakeside, it was more like a blizzard.

We breaked for a little (3 mins due to the cold) as I phoned the office to see what conditions were like down below, It was low cloud and grey. I told the lads that this was it as there was no way we could go any further in these conditions, they all agreed and we picked our way down again heads into the oncoming onslaught of snow and hail in our eyes. The decent was fairly challenging to say the least but on the walk out we all agreed it was a fantastic experience even though a summit wasn't possible.

Till the next time John....


Thursday, 25 October 2007 00:00
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We have heard that Freddy has received permission to leave school in preparation for his long journey to the South Pole. He will arrive here at the Mountain Lodge Base Camp on Tuesday to help Pat and Jonathon with final preparations. He will be bringing Clare's skis with him, which were painted by the 5th Class at Cloghroe National School in Cork.


Sunday, 14 October 2007 00:00
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All of our food has been sourced from all over the world and has arrived here in Kerry at our base camp. It has taken us many days to unpack and sort all the food for all the expedition members.

The food for the 60 days of the expedition has to be individually packed into ‘day packs’, where all our food for the whole day is in one bag, easy and accessible at the front of the sledge, rummaging and cursing “Where is that Mars bar?” is not the best thing to do in howling gale and temperatures as low as -40.

Our main expedition meals are from Drytech in Norway and most of our snack food has been sourced locally.

Thanks to Eugene and Mary McDonnel from Natural Foods for getting us the food on time. We would also like to thank Vincent, Katherine and Claire from Staple Diet of Wicklow for providing our scrumptious flapjacks.


Wednesday, 17 October 2007 00:00
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Out of all the items of equipment and supplies we need for the South Pole and beyond, the food is above all else, the most complicated and time consuming to prepare.

Not wanting to rely on supermarkets in southern Chile, and there will be no possible way to purchase key supplies once we leave Ireland, we have had to ship everything that we need from home. We wanted to avoid the calorie deficit we experienced on Greenland, which came about from the palatability of the breakfasts...too much porridge!

So we have an extensive menu with us for the Pole, not only do we need to consume over 6,000 calories a day, but a varied menu will be important to keep up our spirits, it is easy to dream of food after a hard cold day sledge hauling. In times of need it is great when the extended Beyond Endurance team rally to support us. Pictured here is Gerry Walsh and John Carey (Hertz) assisting with shipping the food and some of our equipment to Cork to Allied Forwarding our shippers, a vital team to ensure our equipment arrives safely in South America.


Wednesday, 04 February 2009 00:00
After walking in in stunning weather with bright and clear route ahead all the way up, we veeered off to make our way to Cummeenoughter and Brother Osheas. We meandered our way toward the lake after playing tag team with another group on the steep ground leading up to the flat area below the rescue hut. On the scree top there was a large portion of snow to get across, and then a lot more on the top of osheas gully which rattled the lads a little trying to get their footing, why wouldnt it, it was there first time....

Once we topped out of the gully we met others doing more than we were giving the lads a bit more confidence as we finally made our way across to the summit. A stunning day and back down th ecursed devils ladder... Good luck to Tom in Nepal in march where he tackles Everest Base camp trek.
Wednesday, 26 August 2009 00:00
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'' Just like to pass on my compliments, we had a fantastic two days on the hills, really fantastic, John is an excellent guide and teacher. the course was excellent ''- Richard, Feedback on Advanced Scrambling Course

Scrambling Weekends
26th & 27th Sept; 24th & 25th Oct
Grade: Introductory
325euro 2xB&B+2xPacked Lunch+1xDinner (Non Residential Option 160 euro)
At introductory level we would look at some of the more straightforward scrambles with the intention of giving people an idea of the kind of terrain that scramblers seek, what to expect, what risks and hazards to look out for, and what equipment is appropriate and how to use it.

Grade: Advanced
415euro 2xB&B+2xPacked Lunch+1xDinner (Non Residential Option 250euro)
The advanced scrambling course would look at steeper more committing scrambles, including use of a rope in scrambling. The aim would be to include an ascent of Howling Ridge on Corran Tuathail during the weekend which is regarded as the best scramble in the country. Minimum of 2 pax required

Mountain Skills 1
07th & 08th Nov 325euro 2xB&B+2xPacked Lunch+1xDinner (Non Residential Option 160 euro)
Completion of this BOS course+logged walks enables the person to go for MS2
Beginner-Intermediate Introduction to Mountain Skills-Navigation-Feature recognition-pacing and timing-hazards-equipment.

Mountain Skills 2
31st & 01st Nov; 19th & 20th Dec 325euro 2xB&B+2xPacked Luch+1xDinner (Non Residential Option 160 euro)
Completion of this BOS course+logged walks enables the person to go for MSA (Assessment)
Follow on includes practicing MS1 skills-compass work-rescue procedures-route planning-night navigation-scrambling.

Fitness Assessment
Last Weekend of each month 325euro 2xB&B+2xPacked Lunch+1xDinner (Non Residential 160 euro)
Beginner-Intermediate - Aimed at people who want to gauge their hillwalking fitness, some of these people will be going on to do Kilimanjaro or similar treks. It consists of an Intermediate trek, general fitness assessment on the reeks and gear information.

Expedition skills
Last Weekend of each month 350euro 1xB&B+1xPacked Lunch+ 1xNgtTents&ExpeditionFood (Non Residential 265euro)
Beginner-Intermediate- This course is designed for people heading off on any kind of expedition, which will require the skills, involved in tent placement/pitching, camp-craft, Night walk simulation. The course also looks at some of the more technical skills that are used on these expeditions.
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