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ACTION: 3rd of 7 Attributes of success

Successful people actively pursue their dreams and ambitions. Don't waste your life by talking about things you could have done but didn't do. You don't want to be remembered as just a talker or worse still, a procrastinator.

To achieve your goals and fulfil your dreams you need to visualise what it is you want and plan how you are going to make it a reality. You must affirm your inner thoughts in relation to all areas of your life where you want to achieve and then take action.

Affirm your goals and dreams with self-belief and positivity. Even though you may not initially have all the answers needed to make your dreams and goals a reality, by repeating the affirmations of 'I can do it', 'I will succeed' and 'I believe I can achieve' your subconscious mind will be programmed towards the successful realisation of those dreams. Repeat the positive words of self-belief and affirmation consistently until you truly believe them yourself and no longer doubt that you will succeed.

Too many people regret the things they should have done and didn't do. They get frustrated when they think that all they did was talk about fulfilling a dream or goal they had. However, it is never too late to stop procrastinating and make your dreams a reality. The ability to do this does not always come naturally but everyone can learn to be a 'doer' and stop being a procrastinator.
From an early age I was very lucky to have mentors who taught me the skills of affirmation and of turning my dreams, aspirations and goals into reality. They also made me realise the necessity of not being a procrastinator and the importance of being a dreamer with a purpose and a mission.

One of my early life mentors was my grandmother. She would often say 'Life is too short to spend it procrastinating - do it or stop taking about it'. When I had a dream, goal or aspiration, instead of keeping my own counsel, I'd talk about my plans to anyone who would listen. This forced me to take action.

"Do or do not. There is no try." - Yoda

Most people, including family and friends, initially doubted my ability to achieve my goals, but I persisted in pursuing them and achieved most of them. People's attitudes to me changed as they saw my dreams become reality and they too started to believe in my ability to achieve what I set my mind to.
Each successfully realised dream, goal and ambition became a milestone and I continued having new dreams and developing new ambitions for my life.
Some of my dreams that became reality are:


  • Having left school at 15 years of age, I decided that I was going to become a millionaire. At the time I was working as a bricklayer
  • At 29 I decided that I was going to climb Everest. I had just climbed my first mountain
  • At 35 I wanted to be the first person in the world to achieve a mountaineering challenge no one else had completed
  • At 40 I decided I was going to be a world-class speaker and mentor

Now, in my 50s, I still have goals that I firmly believe will become reality in my life as long as I dream, affirm and take action. My ambitions for the next ten years are:

  • To make my business a worldwide success
  • To write a best-selling motivational book
  • To write and produce a world class one-man play and act in it
  • To be a better father, son and family person
  • To develop one of the world's leading organisations for older adventurers; The Forever Young Club

My desire to set new goals and achieve them is as strong as it ever was and I believe that by being a 'doer' and not procrastinating I will achieve much of what I set out to do. It is important to realize, however, that following a dream is a process and that you will not succeed all the time. But the more you work towards making your dreams a reality, the more you learn about how to achieve.

Do not be disappointed by setbacks - they provide great learning opportunities and help you more clearly identify the road to success. When things go wrong, don't quit - keep trying until you succeed or until you want to change direction. I believed in every single dream or aspiration I had, even though I didn't always know at the time how to achieve it. Believe in yourself and your dream, even if you are not sure about how it can be made a reality. Make plans and do not be distracted by critics who may not believe in you or your ability. Have a plan A, B and C. Be flexible and ready to move to Plans C, D or E if Plans A, B and C fail.

Don't be afraid to ask for help to achieve your objectives, whether it is from family, the corporate sector or your community. People admire a 'doer' who has self-belief, passion and the drive to try new things. Whenever you find yourself procrastinating, repeat to yourself, with energy and enthusiasm, the affirmations 'I can do it', 'I will succeed' and 'I believe I can achieve'.
About Pat Falvey – Pat Falvey is Ireland's leading motivational and inspirational business speaker and trainer. Pat's goal is to help you achieve your personal and business goals in life as well as to help companies and individuals to achieve maximum efficiency and success in operating as a team.


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Phone +353 64 6644181

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Pat Falvey Key note speaker at top management meeting in Cork.

Powering and creating the technology of tomorrow from Ireland.

Ireland is home to Intel's most technologically advanced manufacturing location in Europe where they produce silicon microprocessors which power the systems that make the world tick. The campus at Intel is also a hub for some of the most exciting technology and manufacturing research currently taking place in Europe. They are proud of the people who contribute the knowledge, skills and innovation that are at the heart of all that is made possible at Intel Ireland. Pat's presentation focused on moving forward and going beyond into the future as we live in a global village and the world is our oyster.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012 14:59
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The special professional guest speaker for the evening was Adventurer and Entrepreneur, Pat Falvey who through his stories of business and adventures brought an enthusiastic reaction from the audience of students and the general public.

Pat spoke about the need for dreams, goals and ambitions and that how working together, we have the power to achieve our full potential, not alone in college but in all aspects of life.

Pat professes that students are the goldmine of the future of our country. Properly harnesses and mentored, they are our country's most valuable asset.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012 17:39
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Pat Falvey was the guest speaker at a pre-match dinner at Thomond Park for the Heineken Cup Munster VS Castres Olympique. 350 supporters were entertained with an inspiring presentation based on the importance of supporters and teams working together to create success.



thomond park munster v castres

Pat's colourful presentation focused on the importance of the team and the unsung heroes of the supporters in driving the playing team forward. The Munster team has one of the most loyal group of supporters in the world.

The importance of this match was highlighted by Denis Kelleher, Munster Branch IRFU.  “The game is particularly important as a win will take Munster into the quarter final of the Heineken Cup. Castres were a very hard team to overcome in round 2 over in France, with one of the season's most spectacular wins with a very late Ronan O Gara drop goal needed to claim victory.”

The atmosphere was electrifying as the teams played to a packed out stadium for Munster to go on to win convincingly by 26 points to 10 points. 


Wednesday, 18 January 2012 13:12
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Pat Falvey Speaks at Court of experts - Pat Falvey Corporate SERVICES

On the 30th November 2011, Leading Edge Group hosted a Court of Experts Seminar on "Managing Change" at the Fota Island Resort in Cork.

Pat Falvey was the Keynote Speaker at the event.


"Thanks again to Pat for last week - Pat received 99% full satisfaction ratings which is a first!"

Joe Aherne

CEO, Leading Edge Group

Thursday, 24 November 2011 13:18
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Mountaineeand entrepreneur, Pat Falvey, helped the County and City Enterprise Boards launch the ‘Enterprise Mid-West’ initiative which was designed to help small business owners reach their full potential on the 22nd September..


Speaking at the launch, Eamon Ryan said: “The Enterprise Boards in the Mid-West are collectively staging fourteen different events during the the month of October, which is the largest ever initiative of it’s kind in the region”. It also coincided with the 2011 European Week for SME’s.

enterprise midwest pat falvey

The Enterprise focused on Kerry, Limerick, North Tipperary and Clare for the month of October as host counties of ‘Enterprise Mid-West’. Aimed at the small business community and those thinking of setting up a business, highlights of the event included an inspirational talk from Everest mountaineer, Pat Falvey in Co. Clare and the events were all either highly subsidised by Mid-West County and City Enterprise Boards or free of charge.



"Just to say how much I enjoyed your presentation in Woodstock on Wednesday night. It really hit the nail on the head for the audience. Thank you so much and good luck."

Eamon Ryan

Chief Executive Officer - Limerick City Enterprise Board

"Pat recently delivered a most inspiring presentation to a large group of owner/managers of SME’s in Ennis for Clare County Enterprise Board. During his 90 minutes, Pat totally captivated his audience while openly sharing the highs and lows of his own life experiences encompassing many emotions that went from success to fear to despair and again turning a corner in his life to experience hope, self-worth, peace, elation and success once again. I have no doubt those present went away that evening following Pat’s presentation, totally invigorated, with a renewed sense of hope and self belief for both their business and personal lives. Definitely, the best presentation I’ve experienced – Pat continued success, may you go from strength to strength!"

All the best

Lucy Reidy - Asst. Chief Executive - Clare County Enterprise Board


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Pat Falvey was a keynote speaker at Supply Chain Human Resources Leadership meeting for the Johnson and Johnson International conference in Cork.


Pat's keynote speech facilitated the main topic of the conference which was the topic of change management in the context of “Motivating Human Resource Business Partners in Challenging and Changing Times”.  The audience comprised of vice presidents and directors from their worldwide organisation comprising of fourteen different nationalities.


Pat linked the challenges of business to climbing a mountain like Everest and how even through his own life there have had many successes and failures as an entrepreneur, adventurer and explorer. The importance of learning and the ability to change with the times, enables survival no matter what we do, whether it is personal, a team, our communities or in business.


He concluded that the importance of everyone buying into the Challenge of Change and how human resources departments worldwide, are a vital component in the expansion of any large organisation. Sometimes the unsung heroes are the ones that pull organisations together.


The importance of inspiration in a changing world:

More and more companies are seeing the benefit of bringing in professional and inspirational business speakers like Pat Falvey to their conferences, to inspire and motivate their teams to help with the current massive challenges that are facing companies throughout the world.  As we consolidate or expand and move forward, looking for growth and efficiency within organisations, to help their teams deal with the Challenge of Change. Whether in expansion or contraction.


Why not have Pat Falvey speak at your next event!  Check out http://www.patfalvey.com/Corporate-Services-Courses-and-Presentations/Pat-Falvey-Motivational-Speaker. Contact us at our office +353 64 6644181 or through our web site www.patfalvey.com.  We look forward to hearing from you. 

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After a year in the making, Helen Shaw and here team at Athena Media handed over their latest film series to Setanta Sports Ireland in December 2010. This three part series, which was funded by the BAI, was shot over the last 15 months here in Kerry, Cork and Dublin. Helen weaves a compelling story of Pat's personal endeavour and sacrifice through the years from childhood to the present day, with contributions from his family, friends and mountaineering colleagues. The story is full of archive footage from Pats many exciting expeditions & features amazing photos from the Pat Falvey collection.

Speaking to Pat via Satelite phone about the project, he had this to say:

'Its been an amazing journey for me personally making this documentary and also my team for filming and preparing the archive footage from my earlier life, sifting through the tens of thousands of images which I have in my collection. Even just talking to some of my old colleagues and friends has bought back so many memories to the forefront of my mind. I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank those involved including all contributors, my family, my friends and my own team in helping me on this film. A very special thanks has to go to Helen Shaw and her team who have created a great biography documentary, well done, its been a fantastic journey working with Athena Media. Even though I am in a very remote location in Canada at present, we have arranged a location to see Setanta on Sunday. Its funny as already many locals here want to see it also!!'

You can see more trailers on vimeo.com/channels/falvey

Press release from Athena media:
3 x 24min – documentary series is an Athena Media production for Setanta Sports funded through the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Sound and Vision funding scheme. The series is due to air on 6th February 2011. It will begin with episode one on 6th February, followed by episode two on 7th February and episode three on 8th February. All episodes will be broadcasted at 10pm on Setanta Sports.

‘Some people say I’m a self publicist, some people say that I can be very arrogant, immediately I think of something, I say it. I’m going to climb Mount Everest, I’m going to become a millionaire. I’m going to be the best motivational speaker in the world. People think, how can he actually say that?. There’s no harm in dreaming and dreaming big,’ Pat Falvey.

Pat Falvey’s life story is the stuff of fiction. The teenage boy who left school at fifteen determined to be a millionaire and built a multi-million property business by his twenties. The serial entrepreneur who lost everything by twenty-nine and nearly took his own life in despair. But a chance encounter took him hill-walking and his first venture to Kerry’s Carrauntoohil made him vow to climb Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world. By thirty-four he stood on Everest and soon became one of Ireland’s most celebrated, and controversial adventurers. He has been to Everest four times, reached the summit from both its north and south face and is the only man in the world to have climbed the highest peaks in every continent twice. He has trekked to the South Pole and now planned one last great adventure, this time to the North Pole.

This documentary and biographical series takes us into the psychology of Pat Falvey and finds out what drives him to follow dreams bigger and bolder than anyone else. Production Company, Athena Media, with producer/director Helen Shaw, filmed Pat across a year and interviewed those close to him throughout his life, both in Cork City where he was born and reared and in Beaufort, Co Kerry where he now lives and works at the foothills of McGillycuddy Reeks.

Pat’s journey starts in north Cork where he was born the eldest son of Tim and Abina Falvey. His father Tim was a bricklayer and Pat followed his father’s trade but says his maternal grandmother, Mary B. O’Callaghan, a street trader, was a central influence on shaping him and his life. His grandmother encouraged him to think big and had him running little businesses when he was still a small boy. Her sense of confidence and will-power is what fuelled him to be a millionaire. His property business was worth in excess of €70 million in today’s value but the recession in the mid 1980s hit him hard and his empire began to crumble. By 29 he was broke, bankrupt and he even thought of killing himself. His own marriage suffered. But when a friend took him to the mountains he began to see life anew and mountains became his obsession. It was an obsession which eventually brought him to Mount Everest and to the honour of being the second Irishman to stand on the summit.

This series tracks Pat Falvey’s life and tells his story. We hear from friends like Con Moriarty and Mick Murphy who have known Pat from the early days in Co Kerry when he joined Kerry Mountain Rescue to mountaineers like Dawson Stelfox, the Belfast architect who became the first Irishman to summit Everest in May 1993. We hear from his family from his sisters Majella and Abina and his brother Barry Falvey. His son, Patrick Falvey, shares insights along with those who have journeyed with Falvey through many expeditions including Dr Clare O’Leary. Clare went to Mount Everest with Pat in 2003 and 2004 and her successful summit in 2004 made her the first Irishwoman to climb Everest and since then she has trekked with Pat to the South Pole and now joins him on what he describes as his last great adventure – the North Pole. Pat’s ambition has been to journey to the highest and most extremes points on earth, from Everest to the South and North Pole and this final expedition, in Spring 2011, will complete what he calls the ‘three Poles’.

Pat Falvey: My Private Everest is a series which promises dramatic footage as well as unique revelations including how Pat Falvey’s determination to bring the tricolour to the summit of Everest provoked debate and even animosity with some accusing him of detracting from Dawson Stelfox’s own summit. Pat’s philosophy ‘that everyone has their own private Everest’ has brought him into motivational leadership and mentoring and he now makes a living from motivational speaking both in Ireland and abroad. Contact Athena Media -01 4885851 for more details including press photographs or stills from the documentary series.

Athena Media would like to thank everyone who helped us and supported us during the production particularly the Falvey family, Niall Foley and all the crew who have worked on it in Athena Media particularly Anita Walsh, Paula Cunniffe and Niall Brew. Our cameraman Barry MacNeill has been with us throughout the shoot and we have had excellent support from Lotus Media in post production. John E. Turner did the offline edit while Scott Smith was online and Simon Flanagan did the audio mix. A special thank you to Ella McSweeney who did the voice-over on the series and to the wonderful folk in Seneca, the band who produced instrumental tracks for the documentary mix and who have been great supporters of the project.

Further Information:






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Pat Falvey launches "Get Up And Go" diary in Sligo on November 18th 2011. 

A new diary for 2011 was launched by Pat in Sligo at the Yeats Memorial Building.

Pat Falvey presented a motivation presentation to a packed house in Sligo for the launch of next years' "Get Up And Go Diary." Pat's presentation focused on positive attitudes and the need for everyone to take responsibility for themselves and the importance of self leadership in these pressured times.

Commenting that the "Get Up And Go Diary" is a great arsenal to have on a day to day basis to keep you focused on the day to day living. There are many pearls of wisdom and inspirational quotes and verses on every page.

The "Get Up And Go" series is now on the go for eight years and has influenced the thinking of thousands of people. It's success has been proven by the simplicity of spreading positive thoughts in your life on a daily basis.

The collection of verses, poems and quotes have been compiled by Glenda Devlin and published by Brendan Sands and Eileen Forrestal from Get Up and Go Publications in Sligo.

Further information can be got from www.getupandgodiary.com

A truly must have for the coming year.

For further information - please contact us at www.patfalvey.com


Friday, 19 November 2010 00:00

Pat Falvey speaking at a recent conference in Ireland. Please contact us for more details or to request further information regarding your event.

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