Monday, 26 June 2006 00:00
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3 day back Pack Day 2

We woke to beautiful weather again, and headed for the hills gradually gaining height, our first stop included a mexican wave as we all adjusted our layers and gear. We pushed on up the valley passing blue lakes frozen since last Autumn and found our rhytym. The team was broken up in to sub groups of 4-6 members before we left Krossbu again simulating the needs for Sth Georgia. We skirted off and up some steep ground on to a crest where we had lunch and discussed where we were the day before in the deep snow, we could see it about 4km away.

Jerry Aherne had his Harmonica and kept us in tune as an overall team.. Thanks Jerry. After crossing a 30 degree snow slope we entered a glacier again and roped up. This one leading up to a steep section and over a pass. We came over the top to a stunning panorama as we were at the top of the glacier, here we marked out a safe campsite on the ice and set up our tents. As there were a few hours left in the day, we left to tackle a few small summits surrounding the campsite which were very impressive. Thanks Eithne for putting on the boil while were away!!
Sunday, 25 June 2006 00:00
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3 day back Pack

After a late-ish night for some, an early start with all gear required for the 2 nights in the elements. Packing gear is an art in its self, but given practise can reward you with an evenly balanced comfortable ride when walking over long distance. After approaching the glacier on snow shoes we roped up and continued in to an abyss of dense fog. This ideal environment for training was received with a reminder that the shit can hit the fan very quickly and requires expert knowledge to survive and arrive at our next campsite. We exited the fog as we approached the Bear pass where we had a break. Down a steep section of deep snow was a challenge to most of us. With every step down about 2 feet meaning 3-4 kg of snow to lift back up!! We got down and on to more favourable ground, but it seemed the pressure had alredy hit hom e for some. The campsite near to the unoccupied Liervassbu hut was a mix of evening sun and humour as we snuggled into our -25c bags after a ...some braving to stay outside!!
Saturday, 24 June 2006 00:00
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With the weather on our side we headed for a climb in preparation for our 3 day back pack. We all shuffled out with crampons, snow shoeing, axe, some layers, camera, food, water and loads of sunscreen. The landscape here in Jontunheimen is absolutely stunning, especially when you start to gain height from 1500m to 2000m. We started on foot, then on to show shoes and finally leaving our shoes for crampons to attempt a summit of our first Norwegian 2000m..Brilliant

Niall Foley

Friday, 23 June 2006 00:00
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After a busy May, June hit us with a reminder, June 3rd 29 Beyond Endurance expedition team members decend on Dublin airport. Depart 06.30am Oslo.

All the team where in great form, some arriving with family members. We arrived in Oslo later that day and met with Bjorn on the bus. Driving north a few stops later, travelling through changing landscapes, we arrived in Krosbu Lodge near to Jotunheimen National Park and Glacier, our base for the next week.

The next day after a briefing, we covered snow shoes, ice axe arrest and crampons which we practised a mile away in to the snowy hills.

Niall Foley

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