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Mountaineeand entrepreneur, Pat Falvey, helped the County and City Enterprise Boards launch the ‘Enterprise Mid-West’ initiative which was designed to help small business owners reach their full potential on the 22nd September..


Speaking at the launch, Eamon Ryan said: “The Enterprise Boards in the Mid-West are collectively staging fourteen different events during the the month of October, which is the largest ever initiative of it’s kind in the region”. It also coincided with the 2011 European Week for SME’s.

enterprise midwest pat falvey

The Enterprise focused on Kerry, Limerick, North Tipperary and Clare for the month of October as host counties of ‘Enterprise Mid-West’. Aimed at the small business community and those thinking of setting up a business, highlights of the event included an inspirational talk from Everest mountaineer, Pat Falvey in Co. Clare and the events were all either highly subsidised by Mid-West County and City Enterprise Boards or free of charge.



"Just to say how much I enjoyed your presentation in Woodstock on Wednesday night. It really hit the nail on the head for the audience. Thank you so much and good luck."

Eamon Ryan

Chief Executive Officer - Limerick City Enterprise Board

"Pat recently delivered a most inspiring presentation to a large group of owner/managers of SME’s in Ennis for Clare County Enterprise Board. During his 90 minutes, Pat totally captivated his audience while openly sharing the highs and lows of his own life experiences encompassing many emotions that went from success to fear to despair and again turning a corner in his life to experience hope, self-worth, peace, elation and success once again. I have no doubt those present went away that evening following Pat’s presentation, totally invigorated, with a renewed sense of hope and self belief for both their business and personal lives. Definitely, the best presentation I’ve experienced – Pat continued success, may you go from strength to strength!"

All the best

Lucy Reidy - Asst. Chief Executive - Clare County Enterprise Board


Tuesday, 09 August 2011 12:19
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Crossing the winning line together creates success.


One of the greatest attributes that we have to create success throughout our lives as individuals, as a team, as a community and as a nation, is the ability to work together in creating an environment that allows us as people, in no matter what sphere of life we are operating in, the ability of working and helping each other to succeed and to celebrate when we do.  We all will cross the finishing line together and succeed!


Most of us aspire to this ideal, but in recent times we have as a nation, a people, forsaken what at one stage came natural to us. Now this realisation is, throughout the world and within successful companies and organisations, being worked on to help organisations recover from one of the world's greatest recessions. WE as individuals, leaders and managers are realising that working together is far more beneficial than the 'divide and conquer' attributes that pertain to most over recent years.


More and more we are realising the benefit of having a united team with the motto of “all for one and one for all”. As concerned citizans of the world and family people these principles operated equally in the areas of business, country and family as well. The story of which I’d like to tell you this month is heart rendering, It is the story of eight athletes who were running in the 1968 Seattle Special Olympics.


A story of coming across the finishing line together:


Eight athletes, all at the starting line of the 100 yard sprint in what would be their greatest race.  The tension, as you can imagine, is high as they wait for the start of their race. Each and every one of them are excited at the challenge of competing for an Olympic medal. They had trained hard for this day and they were competing to win a gold, silver or bronze medal.


The stadium is full with over 50,000 spectators who have come to support the athletes from around the world.


Starting line:


The race is about to begin, all the athletes get down on their knees, preparing for the race to start. On your marks, get set and the gun goes off with a loud bang -  and they are off!


All the athletes break loose from the starting blocks, but as they do, one of the girls comes off the starting blocks awkwardly, trips over herself and falls to the ground.


Instantly the spectators, who have been focused on the start of the race, give a huge sigh of total disbelief.  As the other athletes are now thundering down the track something unusual happens. The second last girl sees what has just happened and a second sigh goes out from the now amazed spectators. The girl turns to walk back to the athlete that is now crying on the ground, Then even something more unusual happens when all of the other six girls who have realised what has happened to the girl who has fallen,  stop and turn and walk back to the girl also.  The spectators watched as all eight girls linked hands together and proceeded down the track to the finishing line and crossed it together.


All eight athletes received a medal for what had been an amazing show of unity and by doing so, they all became winners!


If I can ask you to think of how we can take from this lesson of working together - within our families, communities, organisations and countries  - help each other do as these special athletes have done. Come across the winning line together as a family, as a team, as an organisation and as a nation. 


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Rise In Rescues On The Reeks.

More and more people are taking to the hills and are ignoring the fundamental basic requirements that are necessary for safe journeys on Ireland's highest mountains, i.e. proper gear, navigational skills for leaders and bad route finding decisions.

Over the coming months we at the Pat Falvey School of Mountaineering will be giving free advice on our monthly newsletters on proper procedures on how to look after yourself and your team mates on the mountains.

Every year we see unnecessary accidents on mountains and we hope these educational pieces starting next month will help you to make your trekking, climbing and walking on the hills here at home in Ireland and abroad, much safer.

A very famous mountaineer coined a quote:

"Climb if you will, but remember that courage and strength are naught without prudence, and that momentary negligence may destroy the happiness of a lifetime. Do nothing in haste, look well to each step, and from the beginning think what may be the end". ~ Edward Whymper, first ascensionist of the Matterhorn, 1865.

Be prepared, plan your journeys and be logical with your chooses.

Kerry Mountain Rescue reported 4 rescues for July. While we at The Pat Falvey School of Mountaineering and Kerry Guides have had three contacts from different groups on the mountains for assistance en route, after finding walkers and climbers had been misplaced on the mountain and they required navigational help to get off the Reeks.

Lots of people are not taking the dangers of the Reeks into consideration and are ill-prepared for what is potentially a dangerous activity, on very tricky steep mountains.

Mountaineering is a dangerous sport/pastime. People must ultimately take responsibility for their own safety and due diligence is required from walkers, trekkers, leaders and guides.

No experience is no excuse to put yourself in danger.

People who have no experience should ensure that leaders they are going with have adequate experience before climbing into dangerous situations.

Also they should take responsibility for proper clothing, to have adequate boots and to ensure they have enough food and water for a hard days climb or walk on the hills..

Most accidents are caused due to lack of proper planning and the mistakes are simple.

If people are not experienced they should go with a leader/guide when they are outside their comfort zone. They should not go in groups unless the ratio of guide to inexperienced people on the team should only be 1:6 and over six leaders are required in the event of an accident.

Here at The Pat Falvey School of Mountaineering we provide Leaders - Guides- and courses in Kerry and throughout the world to assist those requiring our services. 

Contact us here at for all your climbing needs.








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Our studies have shown that in the corporate world companies that have a healthy work force do better!

Because of this Pat Falvey and his team of trainers have developed a new initiative in corporate teambuilding in the workplace, at home and in the great outdoors.

These Programs have grasped the imagination of companies and are going from strength to strength.  Companies are realizing both the importance and need to start to rebuild the confidence and bonding of their staff after the huge change of the last few years. We are working with both the companies and their social clubs to encourage a walking fit program within organizations. Creating a healthy environment in fitness which in turn creates a healthy mind to take on the stress of work.

Fitness & Wellness Courses for companies include:

  • Initial Fitness Assessment
  • Cardiovascular (aerobic exercises)
  • L.M.E. (muscular endurance)
  • Flexibility
  • Team building
  • Motivational training
  • Diet & nutritional advice
  • Weekly handouts

 6 week progressive course taking place -  1 session per week with a duration of 60 minutes followed by flexibility improvement session. 2 instructors onsite for each session.


Fitness Goals:

We at Pat Falvey will assist you and your team in setting personal fitness goals. Setting clear fitness goals is one of the fastest and most effective ways of ensuring that you and your team make progress with your workout and gain maximum benifit in results at work.

Many people work out without ever setting themselves fitness goals - beyond the very general one of "I want to get in shape" - and as a result fail to make satisfactory progress. Disappointed, they often quit.

However, if you and your team set themselves clear fitness goals, and regularly update them, Then you and your team are using a powerful tool, proven successful in all kinds of fields. The key is to set fitness goals that are SMART. This means that they should be:

Specific: Can you or your team answer the W questions? Who, what, when, where, why. For example, "getting in shape" is not specific, but "working out three times a week" is.

Measurable: This usually involves numbers - thus "to run faster" is not measurable, but "Walking 5km in under 60 minutes" is.

Attainable: Working out the steps involved in reaching a particular target will help you to figure out if it is attainable.

Realistic: To be realistic, you and your team must be working towards something that you are both willing and able to work for. This can be quite personal - for one person working towards climbing Carrauntoohil might indeed be realistic, whereas for another it might be a fantasy.

Time-limits: Now you've figured out what you're going to do, the last step is to decide when you'll achieve it by. Having a time limit makes everyone much more focused on the end result.

We at Pat Falvey combine the three main areas of physical conditioning - cardio, strength and flexibility. Where as in the past many practitioners focused on just one area - typically aerobic, or cardio training. At Pat Falvey our instructors are constantly updating and designing new programs to incorporate much greater variety into each individual session.

This greater understanding and variety means that you'll get a better workout, with less chance of injury. It also means you're likely to have a more enjoyable time. So if you like group activities, enjoy the motivation of having others around you when you workout, then check There's bound to be something there that will not only be great fun, but will also get you and your team in shape. For more information why not contact us today.


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Vocational Educational Commitee choose Pat Falvey teambuilding for their organisations away day.

33 Administration staff from the VEC took part in a team away day in Jury’s Hotel Western Road Cork. This was facilitated by Pat Falvey staff headed up by Tony Nation, Ian O'Neill, Darren Healy and Alan Walsh. First up was a topic on self defense which covered definition, threat, awareness, attack, values and conflict, what makes a victim, stages of attack as well as all above participants were given practical demonstrations on self protection.

The second half of the morning was given over to team games with each game having a message to give to members of the staff. This covered the areas of communication, active listening, team participation, problem solving and setting goals. This was a highly active day with learning for all through fun and interaction.

More details of our teambuilding and company/organisation away days in our corporate services section,

View some photos from the day in our gallery

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Company Away Day & Teambuilding in Killarney

50 Staff from the Merck Sharp and Dohme OPS1 Manufacturing plant in Cork assembled at Kate Kearney’s Cottage in Killarney at 10:00 on Friday morning 17 June 2011 for a team building and bonding active day out in the beautiful surrounding of Ireland most spectacular landscapes of mountains, lakes and valleys. The day included a variety of activities the stimulated the mind and body. Incorporating Get up, get out, get fit with team building activities that was incorporated throughout the day to include communication, process, listening and thrust skills all with the goal in mind of an enjoyable team day.

Brief on day:

The weather forecast was not good but luckily several hours of downpour had passed before the company arrived, maybe the gods are looking down on us today. After tea and coffee in Kate’,s Pat Falvey Ireland's leading team building facilitators gave an introduction to his team and the schedule for the day before a brief presentation on his life as an Entrepreneur- Adventurer- Explorer and the challenges that faced him throughout his life of success, failure, learning and the challenge of change. Following this the group got their first challenge which divided them up into teams.



Outside Kate's the fun begins as the next challenge was to subdivide the groups into two and then to do a challenge game called Traffic Jam. This involved team members getting across steeping stones and exchanging their side for the other side starting the day learning communication & cooperation and process with an element of frustration built in.

All teams then started their walk through the majestical Gap of Dunloe to Lord Brandon’s Cottage. The day was glorious and the pace just fine as we weaved our way through one of Irelands best examples of a glaciated valley. Apart from meeting local horsemen, sheep and the odd tourist they had to find locations on their map which gave clues to a Murder Mystery. This is to introduce the group into the concept of “Why, What, Where, When, Who”. On reaching Lord Brandon’s lunch was served just as the 1st rain shower of the day approached.


merck2011_02After lunch the group had to complete four more challenges. One was to get people to walk around a rope which was supported by team members. The object of this game is all about trust and how we as a team support we can each other. The stick game was next on the agenda and the object of this is to get the team working together. A Navigating game was used to introduce people to problem solving and if an answer was wrong to direct them back to the last correct known answer. Using a printed image, another game was to introduce the group to the concept that as individuals we all have some of the picture but together we can see the big picture. Throughout the tasks there was confusion, discussion, frustration, laughing and plenty of fun.

When all had completed their tasks, Pat gave a talk on following your dreams and that its not enough just to want something but you have to do something to make your dreams come true.


Many thanks to the boatmen, staff at Kates & Lord Brandons and especially to the Merck team who travelled down for the day to participate, it was a great day throughout!!

Report: Tony Nation & Niall Foley

If you are interested in a company away day, teambuilding activities or personal development be sure to contact us.

View some photos from the day in our gallery

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Recession or pre-boom...depends on your attitude!

We are now living in tough times and we need to be positive to succeed, if we are not we will fail in achieving our goals.

I believe for people to move forward we have to accept the challenges that now face us. Yes, things are tough and for some this has been one of the hardest times in their lives. But unless we change from the doom and gloom that has beset our country, our people will not emerge from the gloom.

Too many people have a negative outlook to life and unless we can refocus to see the light at the end of the tunnel, we face a disastrous outcome.

Let’s look to the future with a positive attitude and make opportunities. Let’s change our negative thoughts to the positive ones.


We are where we are on planet earth and the most important attribute to a successful future is to accept our current situation. If need be, we should take our current situation to the worst case scenario and rebuild from that point. This is what I had to do in 1986 when I went broke and lost everything. My home was in the process of being repossessed; my companies faced liquidation and my personal life was in ruins. From the ashes of all of this and a change of attitude I fought back to live to fight another day. Opportunities arose from the height of a world depression. I then chose to see opportunity from my demise and the position I found myself in. I chose to see my glass as half full instead of half empty.


Like now I believe we are no longer in a recession, we are in a pre-boom period (how long we remain there I’m not sure). The future looks bright and by having a positive attitude we will prevail. As my grandmother drummed into me as a child “If you think you can you will, If you think you can’t you won’t.”


We are living in very challenging times, we would be fools to think otherwise. Economies are shifting their focus, businesses are reconfiguring and all of us have to be open to the challenge of change. This uncertainty dominates most people’s thoughts and for most they fear failure and the unknown.


But we have to be positive, more so then ever now it is the time to stand up and be counted as individuals and to be self lead. To succeed we need to change the country’s attitude, as Obama said “is feidir linn”. Yes we can. We need to be motivated to self leadership, team leadership, community leadership, company leadership and political leadership and to believe we will succeed.


For this month I will leave you with a verse that was given to me by my mother when I despaired most in my own life, when I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. It was in 1986 and I had lost everything. My self esteem, my confidence and self belief were at an all time low. I rebuilt my life from the ashes to go on and succeed in making all my dreams a reality. I have used the philosophy behind the verse of the following poem. I learnt that to fail is a journey to succeed if we learn from mistakes and never give up.


Don’t Quit

When thing’s go wrong as they sometimes will.

When the road your trudging seems all uphill.

When funds are low and debts are high.

And you want to smile, but you have to sigh.

When care is pressing you down a bit.

Rest if you must, but don’t you quit.

Life is weird with its twist and turns.

As everyone of us sometimes learns.

And many a failure turns about.

When they might have won if they stuck it out:

Don’t give up though the pace seems slow-

You may succeed with another blow.

Success is failure turned inside out-

The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,

And you never can tell how close you are.

It may be near when it seems so far:

So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit.

It’s when time go tough that you must not quit.


There have been many occasions I know in my own life where I would have failed if I had given up but I persisted even though I thought at times I had failed. So be positive, stay focused, rely on self-leadership and be the best that you can be and you will succeed. With that in mind I just want to wish you all the best in this “pre-boom period”. We now have more budding young entrepreneurs in the making then at any time in our past.


Pat Falvey

Entrepreneur – Speaker – Adventurer


Pat Falvey is Ireland’s leading business, inspirational and motivational speakers and presenters.


Let us help you in your organization to inspire your company, team’s and individuals to look to the future in a positive way. Through our presentations and courses.

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Pat Falvey Boot Camps Corporate and Educational Division.

Over the last 12 months, we have now surpassed all our expectation for our Pat Falvey Boot Camp Division and we have worked with over 4,000 people in our boot camps for the 2010/2011 season. This has been an amazing success which has been headed up by director of operations, Tony Nation and our trainers. Our courses have captured the imagination of those taking part. These boot camps are an ideal fun day out for your team.

Why not try Pat Falvey's BOOT CAMP. We at Pat Falvey School Of Adventure have designed a programme for getting the best from your team. If you are preparing for a major event or just want to have some fun in the outdoors...we have that special day.


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Sunday October 21st, 2010 - it is a bright and sunny morning. Fourteen employees of Peter Mark Hairdressing Salon, Killarney gathered together outside Kate Kearney's Cottage for what was to be their company day out, a Teambuilding Bootcamp Day!

None of them had any idea what they were in for! The brief they were given was short- Meet at Kate Keraney's Cottage. Bring a change of clothes & a light lunch.

The team were met by Tony Nation ( Bootcamp Instructor) and taken to secret location in Kerry. On arrival, the team met their other instructors for the day - Terry & Darren. The rules were given out.

The day consisted of a number of different tasks that were fun, challenging and each with it's own unique goal.

Task 1: Communication & Trust.

Task 2: TeamBuilding/ Bonding

Task 3: Problem Solving

Task 4: Communication Skills

Task 5: Trust

Task 6: Teamwork & Problem Solving

Task 7: Facing Challenges

Task 8: De-Briefing

Reflections on the day from some of the team "great day out " "team bonded well" "did not know what to expect, but it was great" and "when can we do it again?"

Why not see if we can organise a Bootcamp to suit your needs.  Contact us at


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Pat Falvey launches "Get Up And Go" diary in Sligo on November 18th 2011. 

A new diary for 2011 was launched by Pat in Sligo at the Yeats Memorial Building.

Pat Falvey presented a motivation presentation to a packed house in Sligo for the launch of next years' "Get Up And Go Diary." Pat's presentation focused on positive attitudes and the need for everyone to take responsibility for themselves and the importance of self leadership in these pressured times.

Commenting that the "Get Up And Go Diary" is a great arsenal to have on a day to day basis to keep you focused on the day to day living. There are many pearls of wisdom and inspirational quotes and verses on every page.

The "Get Up And Go" series is now on the go for eight years and has influenced the thinking of thousands of people. It's success has been proven by the simplicity of spreading positive thoughts in your life on a daily basis.

The collection of verses, poems and quotes have been compiled by Glenda Devlin and published by Brendan Sands and Eileen Forrestal from Get Up and Go Publications in Sligo.

Further information can be got from

A truly must have for the coming year.

For further information - please contact us at


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