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Summit Push
12 midnight all the team left Barrafu and made a slow but steady pace. It took 8 hours to summit we had an amazing team of my African guides. Fredrick my head guide as well as his two sons Godiliven and Emanuel as well as Jasper, Alfred, Oktavian,and Livingston. All are highly motivated to have all of the team to the summit. The unsung heroes of the mountain. We had 100% success.
For all the team it was they said the hardest thing they have ever undertaken. We are all down safely angd making our way to Moshi and looking forward to a big party tomorrow night with all of the team. Congratulations to Kathy, Carmel, Phil, Joe, Jim, James, aisling, John, Sean, Louise, Laura, Tony and Colette.  We will post some pictures and video once back to civilization.

Day 6 kili - All team Summit!!
Short sms received at 11.30am Irish time from Pat:
"All team reached the summit 14 Irish and 7 Tanzanian guides, full blog later"
The team should be arriving back down to Barrafu camp around 1pm Irish time for rest and replenish water/food. Fantastic success again for another team on Kilimanjaro. Well done Pat!

Day 5 kili - pre summit at Barrafu.

Today we rose from Karanga To Barrafu camp site. All the team were in great form and all of the altitude problems of the previous few days are under control. Laura, john, Kathy and James have recovered from there problems of altitude and overheating which cause them some problems. Colette is having some small problems with her back but provide we can keep the weight down she has a great chance.  The atmosphere at breakfast was positive and all now confident of being healthy enough for a good attempt on the summit. I believe we will all reach it if we can keep the team focused and confident. It took up four hours to get to Barrafu which is at 4700 meters. We left at 09:00 and arrived at 13;00. The pace was pole - pole, slowly - slowly. We will have some lunch here before going for an acclimatizing trek for an hour after lunch. Dinner will be at 17:00 tonight and the team will try and get a few hours sleep before our ascent at midnight.
Stay posted and I'll update either later tonight or tomorrow early to let you know how all the team gets on. This is it the summit looms overhead and by this time tomorrow we will be on our way down. Cross fingers for Kathy, Carmel, Phil, Joe, Jim, James, Aisling, John, Sean, Louise, Laura, Tony and Colette.
If I summit this will be number 26 for me. I'm really looking forward to the August and September trips also with two more great teams.
Talk again soon. Pat

Weather: The temperature dropped to - 4 degrees over night last night and by 8 am had risen to 1 degree, by the time we climbed the wall the sun was baking down and temperatures rose to 24 degrees and Kathy and Laura suffered from heat exhaustion. Once all had lunch all are now acclimatized and now the talk is all positive.The next 48 hours are going to be hard for all the team as we make our way to the Barrafu camp site tomorrow where we rest for a few hours and then leave for the summit.
Cross fingers that all the team will remain healthy and acclimatized. It's still a long way to the summit....


Day 3: 26th June. Early rise 6:30am some of the team have had a restless night while some have complained of slight headaches but all are in good and positive form. Even though apprehensive about going up another 850 meters today before descending. We headed in an easterly direction from camp site to gain the ridge to connect to the upper path under the imposing face of kili to traverse over the mountain. We made our way to lava towers to a height of 4650 meters . The altitude was affecting most of the team today and that is to be expected. We rested for a hour at lava towers to give everyone time to acclimatize.  While there a few of the team scrambled up on the tower before descending to high camp. It was a long day leaving camp at 08:30 and arriving at Barranco camp 18.00. It's been a long day for all the team. All now at camp relaxing and recovering from a hard day and looking forward to tomorrow.

The Mountain Lodge says: Great news Pat !! - The team will enjoy a different and interesting day tomorrow as they ascend the Barranco wall for 2-3hrs offering dramatic views of the valley and campsite below. Its a nice break from the meandering pathways and you get to use your hands as you scramble up. Then to Karanga Camp where hopfully they get some clear weather underneath the mighty Kibo. Pat confirms tonight they are getting mixed visibility, cloudy in afternoons, and dry overall today.


Day 2: 25th June. After an early rise of 06:30 we had breakfast and made our way from from our damp campsite at Machame at 3000 meters at the top of the rain forest into a new climatical change of scenery today into the moorland and alpine meadow. This was a hard four hour push to our lunch break through a steep incline through spectacular landscape. All the team were feeling good but a little tired. We were hoping for sights of the upper reaches on route but mother nature cloaked the summit from us. Even though disappointed, all the team were over the moon as none were yet suffering any effect of altitude, mainly due to the pace and drinking water. After lunch we  traversed the upper reaches of the moorland and alpine region to arrived tired but excited to have now risen to 3850 meters and all feeling great. We arrive in camp at 15:00 for a well deserved rest before dinner. Tomorrow we head into the lunar landscape as we try to acclimatize to 4650 meters. This will be a hard day and a test of the altitude for the team.

rainforest240Day 1: 24th June. All up for breakfast and the team were in great form excited at the adventure ahead. Then a 45 minute drive to the gate to sign in. Sorted all our porters and guides a total of 39 in total. Porters, cooks, helpers as well as our summit guides. All of whom have worked for me over the last 15 years. We then started our trek through the rain forest which was overcast with our enlarged caravan. After 5 and a half hours we were now wet and sweaty after the journey while we settled in for the first night. The day was warm and humid with temperature reaching 28 degrees with humidity of 86%, however the night temp dropped to 2 degrees. All the team had a hard but interesting day and settled down to their first nights camping on the mountain. All the team were feeling tired but in good form.

Louise, Laura, Sean and John Quirke
Jim, James and Aisling Ronayne
Joe and Phil Byrne
Colette and Tony Doonan
Carmel Hughes
Kathy Killgallon

Team leader: Pat Falvey
Our head local mountain leader: Freddy Tarimo

Local administration office: Nadir

For more info on our 2013-2014 trips to climb Kilimanjaro and dates for training days contact us or visit our Travel Section. We also have 2013-2014 trips to Everest Base Camp, Island Peak, Aconcagua and  Morocco.

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climbing carrauntoohil

With Kilimanjaro in their sights, two families arrived down to Kerry once again for more training on the 12th April as they prepare to travel on our June departure date. Following a briefing at the Mountain Lodge, we left for the Hags Glen joined by Wesley and Tom to climb Carrauntoohil. The day was bright and cool, with wintry clouds looming over the peaks around us from 7-800m upwards. We chatted about the upcoming trip to climb Kilimanjaro for the Quirke and Ronayne families, a mountain I had the pleasure to guide back in January. Training and getting gear sorted out were going well for them. With a sense of understanding about how to train achieved from our Meet Day, they are now focused on strengthening up the team and finalising gear selection.

Our walk in the valley was quiet because we started around midday. We got a taste of winter with a downpour of rain, not far off sleet as we left the main track at the ford and headed toward O'Sheas. Our gradual pull up the path with the 2 scrambles up steep ground proving adventurous for some of the group. After lunch the pace was slow and when we started to climb the bottom of O'Shea's Gully, we were reminded once more of winter with an intense shower of hard hail stone pounding our faces for ten minutes and then stopped.

photo of summit Carrauntoohil

Exhilarated, we put on an extra layer before heading toward the summit. There were a few others on top in cloudy grey cold conditions although dry. After a few photos and congratulations we left to descend toward the Devils Ladder. Half way down the cloud lifted and gave us brief views out to the sea in Kenmare bay. The decent was wet and took some care weaving a way through the loose gravel and rocks before we walked out the valley back to the cars.

Later the lads from Cork departed for home and the two families made for town to eat before getting up again at 2.30am for a night climb.

Starting from the top of the Gap at 3.30am, the head torches were bouncing around in a line as we started Purple Mountain. We adjusted our clothing with conditions being good and dry for now. We had 2 small breaks for water and snacks before we caught glimpses of the moon's reflections on the upper lakes of Killarney. As we crested the col nearing the summit, the light was approaching but only just. We wrapped up a little more and slowly got to the summit for 6.00am.

summit of purple mountain

The descent was easy at the start as you feel good following the summit but then tiredness that feels like you're on autopilot mode. That's when accidents and stumbles happen but luckily everyone was concentrating and we got back to the cars around 8.00am.

This fitness assessment course is ideal for setting a mark on physical and mental training required for trekking holidays and climbing Kilimanjaro. We recommend all groups to undergo this process and find out about gear selection along the way. Contact us to discuss options and dates for upcoming meet days and courses. The success rate is much better when you prepare well.

I wish the Quirke and Ronayne families the best, keep up the preparations.

Guide report: Niall Foley

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Want to win a €50 voucher? - Ideal for spending at patfalvey.com or on any of our upcoming events?

In January we will be announcing details of a loyalty programme for existing customers and since we're getting into the Christmas spirit and feeling generous we've got vouchers to give away, exclusively for Facebook fans.

We're looking for an inspiring photograph to appear on our welcome page in 2012. So post your photo, and whoever gets the highest number of likes before 31st December will win this months voucher! So get your friends involved and good luck!!!

You can access our Irish & Worldwide Adventures facebook thru our travel & training section or simply follow link www.facebook.com/IrishandWorldwideAdventures

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As part of our courses, we have a number of fun days out that bond teams of people together. As well as being fun, all of our events are geared to bring out the qualities that are required for teams to succeed - Planning; Communication; Listening; Organizing & Implementation.


We cater for all size groups up to 100 on these activity based courses. We also run in-house and conference based training courses for up to 500 people.


Brief on recent Team Day: Heavy showers were forecast as 18 souls from Peter Mark (Wilton) boarded their bus for a secret location, they were informed that they were going to a bootcamp. Alan and Darren (Bootcamp instructors) were waiting. As the team filed out of the bus, they were lined up and so began the induction to their day.


During the session, they were put through their paces doing physical and mental challenges. After each challenge, it was explained to the group why they did it and what they learned from it.

At the end of the day all enjoyed home cooked pizza and light refreshments and left the secret bootcamp location as one happy team.

These one day bootcamps are proving to be very successful with companies that need that extra edge in creating team work within their companies. Let us know your requirements and we will have Pat or Tony contact you to organise your next training day out.




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Rise In Rescues On The Reeks.

More and more people are taking to the hills and are ignoring the fundamental basic requirements that are necessary for safe journeys on Ireland's highest mountains, i.e. proper gear, navigational skills for leaders and bad route finding decisions.

Over the coming months we at the Pat Falvey School of Mountaineering will be giving free advice on our monthly newsletters on proper procedures on how to look after yourself and your team mates on the mountains.

Every year we see unnecessary accidents on mountains and we hope these educational pieces starting next month will help you to make your trekking, climbing and walking on the hills here at home in Ireland and abroad, much safer.

A very famous mountaineer coined a quote:

"Climb if you will, but remember that courage and strength are naught without prudence, and that momentary negligence may destroy the happiness of a lifetime. Do nothing in haste, look well to each step, and from the beginning think what may be the end". ~ Edward Whymper, first ascensionist of the Matterhorn, 1865.

Be prepared, plan your journeys and be logical with your chooses.

Kerry Mountain Rescue reported 4 rescues for July. While we at The Pat Falvey School of Mountaineering and Kerry Guides have had three contacts from different groups on the mountains for assistance en route, after finding walkers and climbers had been misplaced on the mountain and they required navigational help to get off the Reeks.

Lots of people are not taking the dangers of the Reeks into consideration and are ill-prepared for what is potentially a dangerous activity, on very tricky steep mountains.

Mountaineering is a dangerous sport/pastime. People must ultimately take responsibility for their own safety and due diligence is required from walkers, trekkers, leaders and guides.

No experience is no excuse to put yourself in danger.

People who have no experience should ensure that leaders they are going with have adequate experience before climbing into dangerous situations.

Also they should take responsibility for proper clothing, to have adequate boots and to ensure they have enough food and water for a hard days climb or walk on the hills..

Most accidents are caused due to lack of proper planning and the mistakes are simple.

If people are not experienced they should go with a leader/guide when they are outside their comfort zone. They should not go in groups unless the ratio of guide to inexperienced people on the team should only be 1:6 and over six leaders are required in the event of an accident.

Here at The Pat Falvey School of Mountaineering we provide Leaders - Guides- and courses in Kerry and throughout the world to assist those requiring our services. 

Contact us here at www.patfalvey.com for all your climbing needs.








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Our studies have shown that in the corporate world companies that have a healthy work force do better!

Because of this Pat Falvey and his team of trainers have developed a new initiative in corporate teambuilding in the workplace, at home and in the great outdoors.

These Programs have grasped the imagination of companies and are going from strength to strength.  Companies are realizing both the importance and need to start to rebuild the confidence and bonding of their staff after the huge change of the last few years. We are working with both the companies and their social clubs to encourage a walking fit program within organizations. Creating a healthy environment in fitness which in turn creates a healthy mind to take on the stress of work.

Fitness & Wellness Courses for companies include:

  • Initial Fitness Assessment
  • Cardiovascular (aerobic exercises)
  • L.M.E. (muscular endurance)
  • Flexibility
  • Team building
  • Motivational training
  • Diet & nutritional advice
  • Weekly handouts

 6 week progressive course taking place -  1 session per week with a duration of 60 minutes followed by flexibility improvement session. 2 instructors onsite for each session.


Fitness Goals:

We at Pat Falvey will assist you and your team in setting personal fitness goals. Setting clear fitness goals is one of the fastest and most effective ways of ensuring that you and your team make progress with your workout and gain maximum benifit in results at work.

Many people work out without ever setting themselves fitness goals - beyond the very general one of "I want to get in shape" - and as a result fail to make satisfactory progress. Disappointed, they often quit.

However, if you and your team set themselves clear fitness goals, and regularly update them, Then you and your team are using a powerful tool, proven successful in all kinds of fields. The key is to set fitness goals that are SMART. This means that they should be:

Specific: Can you or your team answer the W questions? Who, what, when, where, why. For example, "getting in shape" is not specific, but "working out three times a week" is.

Measurable: This usually involves numbers - thus "to run faster" is not measurable, but "Walking 5km in under 60 minutes" is.

Attainable: Working out the steps involved in reaching a particular target will help you to figure out if it is attainable.

Realistic: To be realistic, you and your team must be working towards something that you are both willing and able to work for. This can be quite personal - for one person working towards climbing Carrauntoohil might indeed be realistic, whereas for another it might be a fantasy.

Time-limits: Now you've figured out what you're going to do, the last step is to decide when you'll achieve it by. Having a time limit makes everyone much more focused on the end result.

We at Pat Falvey combine the three main areas of physical conditioning - cardio, strength and flexibility. Where as in the past many practitioners focused on just one area - typically aerobic, or cardio training. At Pat Falvey our instructors are constantly updating and designing new programs to incorporate much greater variety into each individual session.

This greater understanding and variety means that you'll get a better workout, with less chance of injury. It also means you're likely to have a more enjoyable time. So if you like group activities, enjoy the motivation of having others around you when you workout, then check www.patfalvey.com. There's bound to be something there that will not only be great fun, but will also get you and your team in shape. For more information why not contact us today. www.patfalvey.com


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Company Away Day & Teambuilding in Killarney

50 Staff from the Merck Sharp and Dohme OPS1 Manufacturing plant in Cork assembled at Kate Kearney’s Cottage in Killarney at 10:00 on Friday morning 17 June 2011 for a team building and bonding active day out in the beautiful surrounding of Ireland most spectacular landscapes of mountains, lakes and valleys. The day included a variety of activities the stimulated the mind and body. Incorporating Get up, get out, get fit with team building activities that was incorporated throughout the day to include communication, process, listening and thrust skills all with the goal in mind of an enjoyable team day.

Brief on day:

The weather forecast was not good but luckily several hours of downpour had passed before the company arrived, maybe the gods are looking down on us today. After tea and coffee in Kate’,s Pat Falvey Ireland's leading team building facilitators gave an introduction to his team and the schedule for the day before a brief presentation on his life as an Entrepreneur- Adventurer- Explorer and the challenges that faced him throughout his life of success, failure, learning and the challenge of change. Following this the group got their first challenge which divided them up into teams.



Outside Kate's the fun begins as the next challenge was to subdivide the groups into two and then to do a challenge game called Traffic Jam. This involved team members getting across steeping stones and exchanging their side for the other side starting the day learning communication & cooperation and process with an element of frustration built in.

All teams then started their walk through the majestical Gap of Dunloe to Lord Brandon’s Cottage. The day was glorious and the pace just fine as we weaved our way through one of Irelands best examples of a glaciated valley. Apart from meeting local horsemen, sheep and the odd tourist they had to find locations on their map which gave clues to a Murder Mystery. This is to introduce the group into the concept of “Why, What, Where, When, Who”. On reaching Lord Brandon’s lunch was served just as the 1st rain shower of the day approached.


merck2011_02After lunch the group had to complete four more challenges. One was to get people to walk around a rope which was supported by team members. The object of this game is all about trust and how we as a team support we can each other. The stick game was next on the agenda and the object of this is to get the team working together. A Navigating game was used to introduce people to problem solving and if an answer was wrong to direct them back to the last correct known answer. Using a printed image, another game was to introduce the group to the concept that as individuals we all have some of the picture but together we can see the big picture. Throughout the tasks there was confusion, discussion, frustration, laughing and plenty of fun.

When all had completed their tasks, Pat gave a talk on following your dreams and that its not enough just to want something but you have to do something to make your dreams come true.


Many thanks to the boatmen, staff at Kates & Lord Brandons and especially to the Merck team who travelled down for the day to participate, it was a great day throughout!!

Report: Tony Nation & Niall Foley

If you are interested in a company away day, teambuilding activities or personal development be sure to contact us.

View some photos from the day in our gallery

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Congratulation's Megan..we will be in contact in the coming days to arrange delivery of your €200 voucher for use against any of Irish & Worldwide walks, treks, climbs or expeditions!

We know you have a keen interest in 'travel' and look forward to planning with you your adventure!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our stand and filled out our questionnaire. We are delighted to see so much interest in the outdoors and it was great to put faces to so many of you with whom we have spoken with in the past..and look forward to meeting again in coming months.


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And what an adventure weekend it's going to be!

We are just back from setting up our stand (No 19 & 20) - Having been given a sneak preview of what it in store, We can only say if you can come along, Do!

Find new ways to spend your time or develop your hobbies. Test the gear, try the activities and find out how to get involved in new adventure sports and holidays. We will be available throughout the weekend to meet with you and discuss your next adventure with Irish & Worldwide Adventures. We also have some giveaways at the stand so please visit us at 19 & 20 : See a floor plan PDF on download attachment link at the bottom of this article.

We have 2 tickets to give away enabling free entry on Saturday or Sunday, just text 'adventure' to 087 2594090 and a winner will be announced at 9pm friday evening. Competition Now Closed
Congratulation's Eddie Kavanagh of D24- See you over the weekend! We will be in touch to arrange for you to collect your tickets

Lorraine Gordon will be at the stand over the weekend to discuss Travel, Training & Expeditions

Tony Nation will be at the stand on Saturday & Sunday to discuss Bootcamps, Get Fit Programs & Teambuilding

Pat Falvey will be also be visiting the stand over the weekend and will speak at the 'Think Tank' supported by Outsider Magazine on Sunday at 13.30. See the Sunday Schedule below:

12.30 – Mark Flagler on tackling the International Appalachian Trails

13.30 – Irish explorer, Pat Falvey

14.30 – Adventure athlete, Mark Pollock, Geaorid Towey & Roisin Finlay

15.30 – The first Irish man to visit the deck of the Titanic, diver Rory Golden

16.30 – Ireland’s answer to Bear Grylls, Aebhric O’Kelly will speak about the psychology behind survival in the great outdoors

Have a look at Adventure weekend website for more details
Opening Times

Friday 20th May – 2pm-9pm

Saturday 21st May – 10am-9pm

Sunday 22nd May – 10am-7pm

Entrance prices

Adults: €15.00

Students & Seniors: €12.00

Children under 13 years: €6.00

Children under 3 years go free

Family Ticket: €40.00 (2 adults and 3 children)

Visit us at 19 & 20

Wednesday, 22 September 2010 20:32

Skills weekend for Island Peak at Pat Falvey's Mountain Lodge in Kerry.

This weekend has seen all of the Hope Foundation team do their final preparation for their Everest Challenge and their climb beyond base camp to the beautiful 20,000 foot peak of Island Peak right in the heart of the Himalaya.

The weekend presented them with the final skills training required for the glaciers, head wall and narrow ridges that they will have to negoatiate to reach their objective of summiting Island Peak.

They went through, gear, cramponing with 12 spikes attached to their boots, ice axe training, including the art of falling, ice axe arrest, fixed rope techniques for dummaring up a 600 foot head wall and crossing the mountains narrow ridge. They also learnt the skill of abseiling for descending the exposed head wall as they retreat to base camp.

Their course was carried out at Pat Falvey school of Mountaineering at The Mountain Lodge based in the foothills of Ireland's highest mountains in Kerry and practised their skills on the steep head walls of the Gap of Dunloe as well as climbing along the narrow ridges of Coimin Na Peiste Ridge, the Big Gun and Cruach Mhor in what was demanding weather conditions.

Their was also gear review and the importance of team work on challenging mountain.

This weekend was attended by. Teena Gates head of news 98fm : Jenni Kavanagh actress in Fair City, Rob Ross RTE presenter: George McMahon actor: Philip Grey extreme artist: Rosaleen Thomas hope foundation: Ed O Donnell support team: David Walsh Support team.

The weekend was facilitated by worlded renowned adventurer Pat Falvey with his technical guides Con Moriarty and trekking guide Tony Nation.

See courses training

Lots of new adventures are coming up in the next twelve months as we expand our programs throughout the world. Contact us today at www.patfalvey.com




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