skills weekend for Island Peak at Pat Falvey's Mountain Lodge in Kerry.

This weekend has seen all of the Hope Foundation team do their final preparation for their Everest Challenge and their climb beyond base camp to the beautiful 20,000 foot peak of Island Peak right in the heart of the Himalaya.

The weekend presented them with the final skills training required for the glaciers, head wall and narrow ridges that they will have to negoatiate to reach their objective of summiting Island Peak.

They went through, gear, cramponing with 12 spikes attached to their boots, ice axe training, including the art of falling, ice axe arrest, fixed rope techniques for dummaring up a 600 foot head wall and crossing the mountains narrow ridge. They also learnt the skill of abseiling for descending the exposed head wall as they retreat to base camp.

Their course was carried out at Pat Falvey school of Mountaineering at the mountain lodge at the base of Irelands highest mountains in Kerry and practised they skills on the steep head walls of the Gap of Dunloe as well as climbing along the narrow ridges of Coimin Na Peiste Ridge, the Big Gun and Cruach Mhor in what was demanding weather conditions.

Their was also gear review and the importance of team work on challenging mountain.

This weekend was attended by. Teena Gate head of news 98fm : Jenni Kavanagh actress in Fair City, Rob Ross RTE presenter: George McMahon actor: Philip Grey extreme artist: Rosaleen Thomas hope foundation: Ed O Donnell support team: David Walsh Support team.

The weekend was facilitated by worlded renowned adventurer Pat Falvey with his technical guides Con Moriarty and trekking guide Tony Nation.

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world Adventures Lots of new adventures coming up in the next twelve months as we expand our programs throughout the world.


Today in the Cork Examiner The team claims they have reached their Everest after been swept from their goal on many occasions in rescent years just as they were about to reach their summit beaten by the Green and Gold avalanche of their neighbours Kerry.

In reaching their summit today they contribute one of the elements to their success was their miliarty boot camp training in Bear Island last Easter on the 2nd of April.

The squad’s training camp in Bere Island off West Cork earlier this year – details of which were revealed in his All-Ireland diary in yesterday’s Irish Examiner by John Hayes – has been identified as a pivotal moment in their season.

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This contributed to their belief of never giving up until the final whistle and that getting to the top was like eating an Elephant that it was to take each stage of the game like eating the elephant and that was to take each stage bite by bite and to never give up until they had the elephant eaten.

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Find out more how you can challenge your group, team or company on one of our new range of Bootcamps and visit the new outdoor training facility in Cork.

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Thursday, 01 July 2010 15:34

Ian O Neill

Name: Ian O Neill

Role: Trainer

Experience: Ian is an avid climber with over 20 years experience behind him. He is a frequent visitor to the Scottish highlands. As a lead trainer in Scouting Ireland he has written several courses for their adult leaders including their only internal mountain navigation course. After nearly twenty years in sales, he is now dedicating his time to the activities he most enjoys- walking and training.

Thursday, 01 July 2010 15:18

Tony Nation

Tony Nation, Trekking Guide & Trainer

Tony's love for adventure has taken him to many regions of our planet,  he enjoys leading groups in Africa, Russia, Nepal and South America.

Like many of our adventure guides and trainers his passion is that of communication and instilling the culture of the places we visit to those that join in our our adventures and courses.

He is also one of our leading Irish guides with special knowledge in the Cork and Kerry hills and mountains.

He is a father of  four Sean, Damien, Sara and Timothy and from a very early age to instill adventure to his children became involved with his wife Mary as a leading light in Scouting Ireland, giving of his time voluntary for over 20 years to promote the adventurous spirit in children.

He is a County Commissioner for Cork South and heavily involved in training new Leaders and delivering Mountain Skills training to all Leaders and Scouters.

Tony is a good story teller, has a passion for the outdoors, enjoys good food and after a hard day on the hills a few pints in good atmosphere.

Tony is also a manager/trainer in our Health, Safety and team-building Corporate division

Let us introduce you to Tony in a short video

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Navigation & Rope Skills Weekend

Course:      Navigation & Rope Skills Weekend

Altitude:     832m / 2730f approx
Route:        Weather dependent
Date:          March 2nd - 3rd
Duration:     2 days - 18hrs
Grade:        Easy to Moderate
Price:         € 150pp - Residential option available

Fed up of walking on the beaten track? Want to explore off the trail? Try our Navigation and Rope Skills Course!!

Instructors at the Pat Falvey School of Mountaineering have developed a weekend course to provide you with the skills required to be confident and self-sufficient in navigating on the hills and mountains here in Ireland. Along with these skills, you will be introduced to certain Rope Techniques such as coiling, belaying, confidence roping, knots and abseiling.


Over this two days course you will learn all the basic skills you need to navigate here at home. This course is set for those who wish to increase their skill level and would like to feel confident that they can enjoy the hills and mountains and return safely.



· Map Reading

· Feature Recognition

· Grid Referencing

· Basic Compass Skills

· Clothing and Equipment

· Practical Application

· Review of Day 1

· Route Planning

· Compass Skills

· Movement on steep ground

· Group Control

· Rope Skills

We at the Pat Falvey School of Mountaineering encourage and train in all aspects of the great outdoors to allow walkers, climbers and expedition members to become self reliant whether its on your local hills or extreme adventure expeditions around the world. Contact us for further training courses!

" Be safe, be self reliant and enjoy the great outdoors"


Next Date: March 2nd - 03rd, Further dates available on request.

Trainers can travel throughout Ireland to provide course to groups or clubs.


Price Non Res: €150pp- excluding accomodation.

Accomodation can be arranged on request.


Saturday - Moderate- 5 - 6hrs

Sunday - Moderate 5 - 6hrs


08:00 - 08:30 Meet & Greet Briefing and Gear Check
08:30 - 10:30 Map Reading and Navigation
10:30 - 10:45  Break
10:45 - 11:00 Transfer to Hills/ Mountains
11:00 - 16:00 Practical application on Hills (inc Lunch) with further onsite training
16:00 - 16:30 Return to Base
16:30 - 17:30 De- Briefing
09:00 - 09:15 Meet & Greet and Gear Check
09:15 - 09:45 Review of Day 1
09:45 - 10:30 Introduction to Rope Skills & Equipment
10:30 - 10:45 Break
10:45 - 11:00 Transfer to Hills/ Mountains
11:00 - 16:00 Navigate to Rock Climb & Introduction to Rope Skills
16:00 - 16:30 Final De-Briefing

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Feedback on Scrambling Weekend

Just a quick word of thanks for a very well organised weekend of scramblin in Kerry. John was very good at explaining how to use the ropes and deciding what path to take when climbing. It was obvious he really enjoys been out on the hills and this enthusiasm rubs off on the rest of us. 
The weather was also lovely but I don't think I will be able to credit ye with this.
Many thanks again, its a nice change to go on a training course that was well orgainised and the guide knows exactly what he is doing, has all the equipment and its in good order. 

Kind Regards,

Just a quick note to say what a great weekend we had. John was an excellent instructor- we learned loads and would now feel confident doing a bit of scrambling ourselves. I would recommend this course highly and would recommend John as an instructor.

All the Best,


Just a quick note to say how much i (we all!) enjoyed the Scrambling course at the weekend. Thankfully we got great weather which made it even better. I cant speak highly enough of John. We all found him to be an excellent instructor for the weekend. His  teaching technique is second to none as is his knowledge and patience!
What we wanted from the course were the skills to attempt more difficult scrambling routes by ourselves and i feel we definitely achieved our objective.
On the Saturday, we climbed Stumpa and onto Benkeeragh. All the time being introduced to different scenarios and new techniques. On Sunday, we were given 2 options - 1. Howling Ridge (with John as guide) or 2. Knocknapeasta and the Big Gun (for more instruction). Although it was a tough decision the deciding vote of the 3 was to get more instruction on the Big Gun. At the end of the day, however,we all agreed the further instruction had given us more confidence. We'll be back for Howling Ridge next time! I have attached afew photos if you want to use.

Thanks again,

Friday, 02 October 2009 15:53

Feedback on Scrambling Courses 2009

'' The weekend scrambling went very well. Unfortunately Stephen was not feeling great so he decided to sit out the
Sunday scramble. I certainly gained experience and confidence in dealing with steeper ground
which is what I wanted from the course. John was a very patient and helpful instructor and pretty good with a camera too, he took the picture here. Thanks for all your help''- Jude Whelehan, Feedback on Introduction to Scrambling Course

'' Just like to pass on my compliments, we had a fantastic two days on the hills, really fantastic, John is an excellent guide and teacher. The course was excellent ''- Richard, Feedback on Advanced Scrambling Course
Saturday, 19 September 2009 15:26

Training Courses Kerry

Mountain Skills 1 07th & 08th Nov Grade: Beginner- Intermediate                                                                                     325euro 2xB&B+2xPacked Lunch+1xDinner (Non Residential Option 160 euro)
Introduction to Mountain Skills-Navigation-Feature recognition-pacing and timing-hazards-equipment. Completion of this BOS course + logged walks nables you to go for MS2

Mountain Skills 2 31st Oct & 01st Nov Grade: Intermediate
325euro 2xB&B+2xPacked Lunch+1xDinner (Non Residential Option 160 euro)
Follow on includes practicing MS1 skills-compass work-rescue procedures-route planning-night navigation-scrambling. Completeion of this BOS course + logged walks enables you to go for MSA (Assessment)

Dates for following weekends arranged on demand-

Expedition skills 290euro Grade: Beginner- Intermediate 2xNgtsTents&2xPacked Lunch&ExpeditionFood
This course is designed for people heading off on any kind of expedition, which will require the skills, involved in tent placement/pitching, camp-craft & includes a night walk simulation. The course also looks at some of the more technical skills that are used on these expeditions.

Scrambling Weekends                                                                                                                                                        Grade: Introductory 325euro 2xB&B+2xPacked Lunch+1xDinner (Non Residential Option 160 euro)
At introductory level we would look at some of the more straightforward scrambles with the intention of giving people an idea of the kind of terrain that scramblers seek, what to expect, what risks and hazards to look out for, what equipment is appropriate & how to use it.

Grade: Advanced 415euro 2xB&B+2xPacked Lunch+1xDinner (Non Residential Option 250euro)
The advanced scrambling course would look at steeper more committing scrambles, including use of a rope in scrambling. The aim would be to include an ascent of Howling Ridge on Corran Tuathail during the weekend which is regarded as the best scramble in the country. Minimum of 2 pax required

Fitness Assessment Grade: Beginner- Intermediate 325euro 2xB&B+2xPackedLunch+1xDinner (Non Residential 160 euro)
Aimed at people who want to gauge their hillwalking fitness, some of these people will be going on to do Kilimanjaro or similar treks. It consists of an Intermediate trek, general fitness assessment on the reeks and gear information.

Friday, 25 September 2009 12:50

Fitness Assessment Weekend


April 5th and 6th - June 7th/8th-  August 9th/10th-  October 4th/5th
Kerry- MacGillycuddy's Reeks/Purple/Tomies/Dingle Peninsula
2 Day's

The Fitness Assesment is over Two Days.

Starting 09:00 Saturday. Night Climb Sunday morning, starts 02:00 am.

Day1: Corran Tuathail 6 to 7 hours: Plus night Climb 5 to 6 hours night.

Trekking – Moderate to strenous and suitable for some beginners

€150 or €190 with accommodation - details below


Course Description 2014

Exciting Fittness Assesment Weekend: Ideal for Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Morroco, Alps…..

The aim of this weekend is to simulate the physical and mental requirements you will need leading up to and including summit day/night and it will test all your new equipment and clothing. Whether it is Kilimanjaro in Africa, Mount Elbrus in Russia or Aconcagua in South America.

Aim of Assessment:

You will experience a typical summit day on one of our treks worldwide that are over 10 hours and simulate typical conditions. It will be a good test stamina and of the gear you have the gear you may require.

The assesment is ideal for people who just want an exciting weekend on the Irish mountains even if not going on expedition and will set a bench mark for those who may want to go on trek in the future.

Your Challenge:

Carrauntoohill followed by a night climb over Purple Mountain. This will prove a highly valuable experience when the time comes to summit on trekking peaks. We highly recommend our Fittness Assesment if you plan to complete a trek abroad. You will also gain an insight to the typical schedule,mental and physical requirement and this will also highlight the importance of teamwork.. Please see the itinerary.

Dates and Details


April 5th/6th: June 7th/8th: August 9th/10th: October 4th/5th

Days: Saturday and Sunday

Begins Time: 09:00hrs

Meeting Point: Pat Falvey Walking and Adventure Centre (Kate Kearney’s Cottage)

Walk Duration: Aprrox 6-7 hours Saturday: Night Hike 5 to 6 hours.

Distance: Varied Approximately 10 to 13 km per day

Equipment: Check Gear Tab


Experienced Guides, demo’s and presentations.

1 x Accommodation, camping option available at the Mountain Lodge

Price: €150 or €190 PP with Accommodation - Group Discounts available

book-now-button-smallest quick-enquiry-BUTTON


Day 1:

09:00hrs Arrive at the Pat Falvey Walking and Adventure Centre
09:15hrs Brief
09:30hrs Begin Climbing 5-6hrs
17:30hrs Optional Dinner at Kate Kearney's Cottage

Day 2:

Outside your comfort zone:
You will be awoken from your slumber at a time unusual to you 02:00 am, we will depart from our base in darkness, to a moderate 5/6 hour return climb where we will watch the sunrise over Killarney National Park.



Personal Equipment: 35/ 45 liter Rucksack, Gaitors, Trekking Boots, Waterproof Jacket and Trousers, Warm Top, Hat and Gloves, head torch, spare batteries, hot drink, water, Lunch, snacks, , head torch.

Optional Extras: Camera and case, any additional clothing to ensure you are comfortable.

Head Guides: Pat Falvey, Tony Nation, John Higgs.


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