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The deadliest day on the worlds most dangerous mountain. Premiering at the London Film Festival. Trailer for the feature documentary below.

The Summit was produced by Image Now Films and Pat Falvey Productions, in association with Passion Pictures, Diamond Docs and Fantastic Films. It is also funded by Irish Film Board, RTE, BAI and BBC Storyville.

Directed and produced by Nick Ryan.

It has been chosen to screen as part of the official competition for a London Film Festival Grierson Award for Best Documentary.

" I would like to send a personal thanks to all the team in the production of this film. Also to all who participated in being a part of this amazing story and for the support given by all of the families and climbers in the making of this film,  The Summit."  - Pat Falvey

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Irish adventure based film makers, Image Now Films (Dublin) and Pat Falvey Productions (Kerry) achieved a new world record of filming from a helicopter on K2 the second Highest mountain in the World to almost 8,000 meters which is known to climbers as The Death Zone.

'The Summit' film crew reach a new altitude record for aerial filming in a helicopter. Flying to an altitude of 23,500 feet (7,162m) on K2, Nick Ryan operated the Cineflex camera system mounted to the Pakistani Army Ecuriel helicopter, filming aerial footage of the shoulder above Camp 4 and the Serac.  Stephen O'Reilly in the backup helicopter reached an altitude of 25,000 feet (7,620m) from where he photographed the mountain.

The Summit: A film about the deadliest day on the worlds most dangerous mountain. The story of the death of 11 climbers on the ill-fated 2008 expedition to the summit of K2.

An epic journey, starting in Islamabad, the crew which consisted of Nick Ryan (director/producer), Stephen O'Reilly (Production manager/Camera), Mike Wright (Camera/Aviation engineer) and Nisar Malik (Pakistan co-ordinator), drove up the Karakorum Highway with 400kg of equipment to Skardu.

With the co-operation of the Pakistan Army Aviation Wing (5th Squadron), they flight tested the Cineflex equipment on Friday 22nd July and carefully observed the notorious weather patterns around K2. Monday the 25th was selected as a flight date, and the crew left the base at Skardu at 7.00am on the 50 minute flight to Paiju and then on to K2 where the mountain was completely clear, enabling the filming of some incredible aerial footage on the Cineflex Hi-Definition system (used extensively in the BBC series Planet Earth).

On behalf of all our production team we want to congratulate Nick and all on the ground in Pakistan for their amazing commitment and dedication of creating the final sequence of shots for our new film "The Summit".

This week we commemorate Ger and Rolf's passing three years ago. May they R.I.P. Their friendship and love are still with us, all of us that had the privilege of being part of their amazing lives.  Nick, was very emotional when speaking to him over the weekend as he gave account of this amazing feat. 

"We were incredibly lucky to get the weather to see the mountain, as mostly you will see either the top or the bottom of it, but not both. The light was fantastic, and winds low enough for safe flight and allow us to reach such great altitudes. The pilots are amongst the very best in the world and their knowledge of the region enabled this incredible journey. Their assistance and collaboration on the planning of the mission was fantastic. After three years of studying K2 in photos and video, to actually cast your eyes on the mountain was quite a moment. The shear scale of the mountain is breath-taking. To look down on the slopes of the south-east face and realise the climbers who never made it back are still resting there, was an emotional experience for me."

"We are all delighted and are looking forward to seeing some spectacular footage from K2. Nick goes into the final stages of putting all the content together over the coming months and from what I have seen so far, the film is going to be gripping.  It tells an amazing story."

"The Summit" is a story of the struggle of man against the mountain. The cost of living in the god foresaken place known to climbers as the "Death Zone" the heroic events of a day that cost the lives of 11 climbers that struggled in the thin air of the world's secpnd highest mountain, K2.

For the first time ever the events are reconstructed by the unsung heroes of mountaineering history  - the talented Sherpas, told through interviews by those on the mountain on that ill fated day.

It will tell of Ger McDonnell a young and talented Irish climber who was the first Irish man to summit K2, the worlds most treacherous mountain on the 1st/2nd of August, 2008. He was killed on the descent whilst attempting to rescue two Koreans and Sherpa Jumik.

Pat Falvey

Executive Producer

Image Now Fims (Dublin) and Pat Falvey Productions (Kerry) due for film release towards the end of 2011/early 2012.

TV Release 2013

DVD Release Late 2013.

This film is done in association with The Irish Film Board, RTE and The BBC.


For more information, contact us here at



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The Secret of the Stone. (film/tv) documentary

Patrick Morell international film maker, French director living in the US for the last 35 years and his assistant Archie Linval, were over with me this week doing a film piece on the Reeks and looking for the Secret of the Stone. I thought this was a crazy notion and yet I was interested in the project. There were times I felt that we were looking for some lost treasure or power like in the film Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Patrick of course being Indiana Jones.

With camera in hand we investigated some ancient pre-historic sites around Ireland's highest mountains "the Reeks" for a preparation of a treatment for a four part series on ancient Ireland. We recruited one of my best friends, Con Moriarty who has an incredible knowledge of these sites around Kerry as well as a incredible passion for Irish history and culture and folklore. 


Before moving onto the second half of the week's filming which was based at the Kildreelig Artist Village, an old stone village dating back to the 6th or 7th century, situated near Waterville, Co. Kerry, Ireland. At Kildreelig a number of houses have been rebuilt and refurbished and are used by well known artists as artist retreats throughout the year.

Among the local attractions filmed by Patrick with local historian and archaeologist Dan O Meara, were the McCarthy Castle & Abbey (built on the Isthmus to defend the place from pirates), Kilrellig (early Christian monastic settlement ruins located beside the road to Bolus Head), the Kildreelig Alignment (an alignment of four standing stones which is the reputed burial place of the Milesian leader Erannan), Wedge Grave (situated at Coom, Ballinskelligs) and the Irish Romanesque structure Killemlagh Church, built on the site of Saint Finan's original settlement. The majority of the ruins are inside a stout circular rampart which has all the massive appearance of the local circular stone forts. South of this church is the "Pagan's Grave", an enclosure of standing stones.

Before filming on one of the world's most famous monastic sites on the windswept Skellig Rock.


In search of the Secret of the Stone, nuts I thought but what a fascinating week it was, learning about our Irish past.

Patrick Morell has done cultural documentaries in Nepal, Tibet, Russia, Alaska and many more interesting places around the world. I'm really looking forward to the preparation of his vision on our Irish past and we are looking forward to the edit of his filming and his interpretation of our Irish landscape, history and culture. I'm looking forward to working further with Patrick in the future through our TV and Film Production Division.

Special thanks to Noelle Campbell-Sharp for her encouragement towards the project, to Kildreelig Artist Retreat Centre, to Con Moriarty local historian on the Reeks and Dan O Meara archaeologist on the Iveragh peninsula.

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Pat Falvey features on RTE1 'This Sporting Life' tomorrow night at 7pm.

The second series of This Sporting Life tells the story of six of Ireland's most eminent sportsmen. It looks at their greatest achievements in sport but also chronicles the all too human stories behind some of Ireland's great sporting headlines. The six talk candidly about their successes and failures in arenas where so much is expected by their fans and the public in general. In telling their own story, each profile gets to the heart of the subject.

This years series has already featured Ken Doherty, Michael Carruth, Éamonn Coghlan, Tony Ward & Seán Boylan. Further details can be found here.

Producer Niall Mathews visited Pat at the Mountain Lodge in Kerry a few months back to get inside the mountain man to see what makes him tick. He also liaised with Niall Foley for fine tuning details and coordinating Pat's archive material for the production.

For those without RTE1 or abroad, the show will feature on RTE Player in a few weeks.


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After a year in the making, Helen Shaw and here team at Athena Media handed over their latest film series to Setanta Sports Ireland in December 2010. This three part series, which was funded by the BAI, was shot over the last 15 months here in Kerry, Cork and Dublin. Helen weaves a compelling story of Pat's personal endeavour and sacrifice through the years from childhood to the present day, with contributions from his family, friends and mountaineering colleagues. The story is full of archive footage from Pats many exciting expeditions & features amazing photos from the Pat Falvey collection.

Speaking to Pat via Satelite phone about the project, he had this to say:

'Its been an amazing journey for me personally making this documentary and also my team for filming and preparing the archive footage from my earlier life, sifting through the tens of thousands of images which I have in my collection. Even just talking to some of my old colleagues and friends has bought back so many memories to the forefront of my mind. I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank those involved including all contributors, my family, my friends and my own team in helping me on this film. A very special thanks has to go to Helen Shaw and her team who have created a great biography documentary, well done, its been a fantastic journey working with Athena Media. Even though I am in a very remote location in Canada at present, we have arranged a location to see Setanta on Sunday. Its funny as already many locals here want to see it also!!'

You can see more trailers on

Press release from Athena media:
3 x 24min – documentary series is an Athena Media production for Setanta Sports funded through the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Sound and Vision funding scheme. The series is due to air on 6th February 2011. It will begin with episode one on 6th February, followed by episode two on 7th February and episode three on 8th February. All episodes will be broadcasted at 10pm on Setanta Sports.

‘Some people say I’m a self publicist, some people say that I can be very arrogant, immediately I think of something, I say it. I’m going to climb Mount Everest, I’m going to become a millionaire. I’m going to be the best motivational speaker in the world. People think, how can he actually say that?. There’s no harm in dreaming and dreaming big,’ Pat Falvey.

Pat Falvey’s life story is the stuff of fiction. The teenage boy who left school at fifteen determined to be a millionaire and built a multi-million property business by his twenties. The serial entrepreneur who lost everything by twenty-nine and nearly took his own life in despair. But a chance encounter took him hill-walking and his first venture to Kerry’s Carrauntoohil made him vow to climb Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world. By thirty-four he stood on Everest and soon became one of Ireland’s most celebrated, and controversial adventurers. He has been to Everest four times, reached the summit from both its north and south face and is the only man in the world to have climbed the highest peaks in every continent twice. He has trekked to the South Pole and now planned one last great adventure, this time to the North Pole.

This documentary and biographical series takes us into the psychology of Pat Falvey and finds out what drives him to follow dreams bigger and bolder than anyone else. Production Company, Athena Media, with producer/director Helen Shaw, filmed Pat across a year and interviewed those close to him throughout his life, both in Cork City where he was born and reared and in Beaufort, Co Kerry where he now lives and works at the foothills of McGillycuddy Reeks.

Pat’s journey starts in north Cork where he was born the eldest son of Tim and Abina Falvey. His father Tim was a bricklayer and Pat followed his father’s trade but says his maternal grandmother, Mary B. O’Callaghan, a street trader, was a central influence on shaping him and his life. His grandmother encouraged him to think big and had him running little businesses when he was still a small boy. Her sense of confidence and will-power is what fuelled him to be a millionaire. His property business was worth in excess of €70 million in today’s value but the recession in the mid 1980s hit him hard and his empire began to crumble. By 29 he was broke, bankrupt and he even thought of killing himself. His own marriage suffered. But when a friend took him to the mountains he began to see life anew and mountains became his obsession. It was an obsession which eventually brought him to Mount Everest and to the honour of being the second Irishman to stand on the summit.

This series tracks Pat Falvey’s life and tells his story. We hear from friends like Con Moriarty and Mick Murphy who have known Pat from the early days in Co Kerry when he joined Kerry Mountain Rescue to mountaineers like Dawson Stelfox, the Belfast architect who became the first Irishman to summit Everest in May 1993. We hear from his family from his sisters Majella and Abina and his brother Barry Falvey. His son, Patrick Falvey, shares insights along with those who have journeyed with Falvey through many expeditions including Dr Clare O’Leary. Clare went to Mount Everest with Pat in 2003 and 2004 and her successful summit in 2004 made her the first Irishwoman to climb Everest and since then she has trekked with Pat to the South Pole and now joins him on what he describes as his last great adventure – the North Pole. Pat’s ambition has been to journey to the highest and most extremes points on earth, from Everest to the South and North Pole and this final expedition, in Spring 2011, will complete what he calls the ‘three Poles’.

Pat Falvey: My Private Everest is a series which promises dramatic footage as well as unique revelations including how Pat Falvey’s determination to bring the tricolour to the summit of Everest provoked debate and even animosity with some accusing him of detracting from Dawson Stelfox’s own summit. Pat’s philosophy ‘that everyone has their own private Everest’ has brought him into motivational leadership and mentoring and he now makes a living from motivational speaking both in Ireland and abroad. Contact Athena Media -01 4885851 for more details including press photographs or stills from the documentary series.

Athena Media would like to thank everyone who helped us and supported us during the production particularly the Falvey family, Niall Foley and all the crew who have worked on it in Athena Media particularly Anita Walsh, Paula Cunniffe and Niall Brew. Our cameraman Barry MacNeill has been with us throughout the shoot and we have had excellent support from Lotus Media in post production. John E. Turner did the offline edit while Scott Smith was online and Simon Flanagan did the audio mix. A special thank you to Ella McSweeney who did the voice-over on the series and to the wonderful folk in Seneca, the band who produced instrumental tracks for the documentary mix and who have been great supporters of the project.

Further Information:


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Image Gallery

On return, Martin sent in some great shots of the boys and himself on Mount Kilimanjaro

This evening they will return to Moshi for their last overnight before leaving for the airport in the morning.. All reports are of a 'healthy & happy' group and we, no doubt not a fraction as much as mom, Joan, await their safe return and further reports of their adventures in Tanzania.

6th January 2011 - Lake Manyara National Park
After a eventful New Year on Kilimanjaro, Martin, James, Alexander & Marcus are enjoying an overnight at Serena Luxury Lodge taking in 2 days Safari in the spectacular Lake Manyara National Park within the Great Rift Valley with its infamous tree climbing lion!

The National Park offers an amazing experience - At the Southern end of the park are hot Sulphur Springs known as Majimoto. Further along the forest the area opens up into woodlands, grassland, swamps and beyond, the soda lake itself. Nestling at the base of the Great Rift Valley escarpment, the park is recognized for its incredible beauty. Wildlife at Lake Manyara is not restricted to birdlife only. Many game animals such as buffalo, elephants, giraffes, impala ,hippos and a great variety of smaller animals also inhabit the park.

Lake Manyara is renown for its tree-climbing lions which spend most of the day spread out along the branches of acacia trees six to seven metres above the ground. The park contains the most pachyderms per km sq. in Tanzania. As you enter the gate, you pass into the lush forest, home to troops of baboons and blue monkeys. Buffalo and hippo lurch in the adjacent Hippo Pool. The vegetation eventually merges into flat topped acacia woodland where, in the heat of the day entire prides of lion can be seen stretched on the branches of these trees - a habit prevalent to Manyara lions.

Along with these amazing tree-climbing lions there are the usual browsers and grazers as well as the curios-looking banded mongoose. Two thirds of the park is dominated by the slightly alkaline lake which is home to a huge variety of waterbirds.

4th January 2011 - 13.00hrs Irish time
Family climb Kilimanjaro

Just got a call from Martin, "We all got into the final campsite on accent yesterday at 4pm. With excitement and everything about the summit push last evening, the lads only got a 2-3 hrs sleep before leaving at 11pm for the long summit push. James was sick a few times but had no other AMS symptoms. We got toGillman's Point (5681m) at 7am this morning with all ok apart from Alexander having zero juice left in the tank. The guides helped in the decision for Alexander, who knew he couldn't go any further as he had not enough energy to get him to the summit and back toGillman's Point."

"With a guide holding with Alexander at gilmans, James, Marcus, myself and the remaining guides headed for the summit. After an hour and a half or so we could see the summit sign in the distance, which encouraged us. We got to Uhuru summit (5,895m) at 9.15am, James and Marcus were very excited and got the photos etc. done before heading back down. The guides were brilliant and when we got back here to gilmans, Alexander was asleep which was good he must have been knackered earlier this morning. I sent James and Marcus down ahead and I will wait for Alexander for a while longer before we also head down. Amazing feeling to get there with my sons, they all did extremely well"

Well done lads and hope you all enjoy the fun on the way down. Best of luck on the rest of the trip from all at the expedition office down in Kerry.

If climbing Kilimanjaro is a dream or challenge of yours please view our Africa travel section or contact us for advice on our 2011 and 2012 treks.

Latest Report - 2nd January 2011

The Haydens and their guides acclimatised to 4300m today and are now back to 3720m for the night. Martin reports that the boys are doing well, apart from some adjustments to the food etc., Martin said: "James has some music with him, Marcus is reading and Alexander is getting plenty of stories from dad, they are all sleeping well and eating ok considering, the weather is absolutely amazing providing stunning scenery views, hopefully it will last for the next couple of days"

We expect a push for the summit on the 5th or 6th january, lets see how they get on today, Stay tuned.

Trek Start Report - 31st December 2010
While we celebrate New years here in Ireland, Martin Hayden and his threetrustysons James, Marcus & Alexander are now on Mt. Kilimanjaro,located in Tanzania,and have started their trek. They flew out on the 29th of December to fulfill an ambition to climb the highest mountain in Africa. The climb will take them through five different ecological zones as they ascend toward the5,895m summit over the next eight days. Happy New Year lads - Over the next few days we will endeavour to report as much as possible. They are just finishing day one and these are photos of the start.



Training Begins
Training began back in November when we put them through their paces on Purple mountain beside the Gap of Dunloe in Kerry. The cold weather had just started 2 days before the lads came down, roads were bad in Meath where the lads are from and tentatively made the journey to the montain lodge in Kerry. On arrival we met Con Moriarty, who advised them on the gear they had and also the gear needed for their training and climb in december. Temperatures were low on the evening of the 27th with severe cold conditions forecast as low as -10C. Later in the evening wewere joined by camerman Mark Watson who was down to get a feel for mountain filming, he will be editing footage under our direction for the haydens on their return.Following a quick briefing on the plans for the dark start early in the amby guide Tony Nation, we all headed to bed for some rest.

Night climb of Purple Mountain - 28th Nov 2010
We got a little breakfast into us and headed off at 4am. The drive up the gap was surreal and slippy with icy conditions. We adjusted our gear and headed off into the night, which was brigthened at times by the moon. As we got our pace and temperatures regulated we were approaching the glas lake, which was very surreal in total darkness and head torches. We had a break and some banter with lads who were doing just fine. after the gully from the lake we started onto the steep scree section which was tough work as the wind was a lot stronger. Martin got James, Marcus and Alexander to stay close in a line as conditions were now more severe.

At 7.30am we reached the shoulder and made our final push across the summit section to the main cairn in near total whiteout. We had already decided to spend only 3 minutes there as there was no visibility for sunrise although we could see that light was approaching. On our decent toward the central peak heading toward tomies temperatures were very low and wind was strong, with frost forming on our eyebrows, hair and clothing. I would say it was minus 15C windchill approx. At our next stop our water was now slushy and hard to drink, bring out the hot drink Tony!! The lads were elated at this stage and we found some snow to bum slid followd by some great icicles!!


On decent we headed into the Gap behind the cottages, once we decended below the cloud we got our first glimpses of scenery toward the sea over snow peppered stricin mountain. We stopped to admire the views and our final stop before the road. The boys were holding strong and dad Martin coaxed the final leg down. When we got to the road it was time to do much needed filming as the visibility was good now for the first time all morning.

We got back to the lodge after 10.00am for a fuller than Irish breakfast with no leftovers.The lads had a great time apart from being wrecked tired and after speaking to Martin a couple of days later theyhad a great time in Kerry and hadn't stopped talking about it. We wish them the best of luck!!

Martin and his boys were featured on RTE's Colm Hayes show on the 23 December, below you will find a link to download the attached podcast.

Report by Niall Foley

Travel Coordinator & Camerman


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“Life is like a mountain, and we all have mountains to climb, we all have an Everest”.

Pat Falvey, world-renowned adventurer and Expedition Leader

Press Release:

The Hope Foundation launched its Celebrity Expedition HOPE Everest to an excited audience this evening at Basecamp Adventure and Travel Store, Dublin. Donal McIntyre, Rob Ross, Philip Gray, George Mc Mahon, Teena Gates and Jenny Kavanagh were announced as the brave personalities who will take part in this a two-part challenge to raise funds for The Hope Foundation. The team will leave on September 30th and will spend twenty two days taking on this mammoth challenge.

The challenge is in two phases: the team will first climb to Everest Base Camp and then some will go on to climb to Island Peak, which is at 20,305 feet. This will be a really tough challenge, requiring ice picks and ice crampons in their boots and the team will be tied together with ropes to reach the ice field!

The expedition will be led by experienced mountaineer Pat Falvey, who has climbed the seven highest mountains on the Seven Continents twice, including Mt Everest from Nepal and Tibet. Pat is also experienced in leadership and motivation and is sure to build great team spirit among the participants.

Hon Director of The Hope Foundation, Maureen Forrest said: “Every child on the streets of Calcutta is facing an Everest each day; their lives are about survival. HOPE is working to change that with over 60 projects that enable children to go to school, to be cared for, to stay healthy and to break the cycle of poverty. I thank the team from the bottom of my heart for taking time out to be part of this great expedition to change children’s lives”. see video of Kids in Calcutta.

People around the country will also have a chance to get involved in this expedition as HOPE has three unique ideas to let the supporters become part of the team. The first is the Every Step Counts campaign, which will see gyms and health clubs ‘step’ with the team. Total Fitness are the first gym to come on board and support this campaign. The Sign the Flag campaign urges schools, businesses, groups and communities to sign a specially designed flag which will be brought by the team and put on Everest. The third is the Mobile Mountain campaign where you can drop your old phone into Basecamp Adventure Store and hopefully they can make a ‘mountain’ out of the amount they have received.

To get involved or learn more check out

The launch night was kindly sponsored by Basecamp store and Jaipur Restaurant.

Some pictures of celebrity's training in Ireland.


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Last week was fun here helping Ieekram prepare for his entry into Mr Gay Limerick 2010. We are so delighted that he got the title as he's truely a great guy with a energetic personality and is never without a smile. Iekraam was overwhelmed on Friday morning and had this to say 'I am utterly elated by the surreal nature of it all! Could not believe what I heard when the judge annouced my name as this year's Mr Gay Limerick 2010! I am honoured and proud to be representing the Limerick LGBTQ community this year. Thank you to all who made this wonderful event so spectacular!'
Congratulations Krumb!


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Middle of Nowhere - Adventure Series Pilot

The format will allow the viewers to feel as if they are part of the conversation. The setting will be a very warm and easy environment with multiple cameras covering the conversation as it happens.


The conversation would naturally traverse all the human feelings and physical dilemmas that adventurers face; from the physical environment to the emotional side of extreme endeavors, the spiritual significance, and the mental fortitude necessary to finish the trip.


Each explorer will tell the stories, anecdotes, jokes etc., of their adventures. Of course, no one person will dominate the evening. Scientists, camera people, guides, all and sundry who accompany different excursions also have a turn at describing the highlights of their adventure. The host will masterfully guide the conversation so that it feels like exactly that, a conversation. Informality is the key, IE: the waiter taking food and drink orders may well make it into the final cut of the show.


We have moments where explorers tell us who they are inspired by, who they emulate and why. What their sense of adventure means within the context of their family, friends and colleagues. So we cover the history of other magnificent achievements as well. In the end, we expect the experience to be greater than the sum of its parts. The explorers will give, and also gain from each other. The audience will feel connected and included in the lives of many they will know, and many they will come to know.



Adventurer, Explorer, Motivational Speaker, Team Trainer, Author, Photographer and Film Producer; Pat Falvey is Ireland's leading team trainer and motivational speaker as well as being a world-renowned adventurer and explorer. His achievements to date are an inspiration to all.


Pat has over 62 high adventures completed around the world to his credit. He is the only person in the world to have completed the Seven Summits challenge twice, including climbing Mount Everest from both Nepal and Tibet as well as walking/skiing to the South Pole and traversing Greenland. He also led the first Irish team to complete an oxygen-less ascent on an 8,000 meter peak in 1998, into an area know to climbers as The Death Zone, on the sixth highest mountain in the world, Cho-Oyu.


Pat has a charismatic personality and is a natural story teller. His resume of adventure immediately buys the respect of anyone who finds him/herself sitting at the same table. For more on Pat, please go to or



The location will be informal, allowing conversation to flow freely. Due to the scope of the series, the same type of location must be available anywhere in the world. We plan on shooting at high-end, quiet restaurants that meet the requirements of the shoot. The restaurant will in return get exposure within the credits and an exterior shot in the opening credits of that particular show.




URBAN BREW STUDIOS- Based in Johannesburg, yet beaming out into the world, Urban Brew has been serving the continent of Africa for more than 10 years, consistently producing over twenty hours of television a week for the national broadcaster. Game shows, talk shows, kids programming, documentaries...the works.

With offices in East, West and South Africa, Urban Brew has been able to influence millions of Africans in the production arena of television and film. A major training facility, Urban Brew supports Soweto TV, and is currently training the personnel and setting up the station for South Sudan TV.


SWITCHVERT - is an ideas/production house based in Washington DC and Jo-burg South Africa. We are all about telling the story. Our work literally spans the globe with projects in the last two years crossing 5 continents.


Over the past few years we have focused on commercials, documentaries and television. Our work is as diverse as it sounds. In South Africa we have worked on both sitcom and magazine TV programs, bringing each show to a primetime audience. Our documentaries were shot in Antarctica, Haiti, South America, the US and sub-Saharan Africa. We have shot over 40 commercials with USAID in Nigeria, Zambia, Haiti and Mozambique.

More recently Switchvert has moved into the realm of Feature Film. In mid 2009 we are set to begin principal photography on our very own "Formula".


For more information on this and other productions - contact us at


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UrbanBrew Studios, South Africa, have just finished their first edit of the pilot for their new adventure program 'Middle of Nowhere', featuring world renowned adventurers discussing their extreme experiences, hosted by Pat Falvey.

In Association with Switchvert and Beyond Endurance Productions.


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