Team Building

Team Building

Pat Falvey TEAM BUILDING courses seek to create awareness of the values and beliefs involved in team building. The courses cover areas such as team roles, team appraisal, team rewards and the communication process necessary to support a team environment. The ability of the person to operate as a team player and to increase the self-esteem of the individual is developed.  Members are encouraged to have a go-for-it attitude as both an individual or within a company.

Stress and De-Stress - Stress Pacing™

This course develops personal effectiveness, identifying the causes of negative stress and damage limitation.

Creative Future - Conquering Fear and Change™

The ability to change faster than competitors, to continuously innovate and improve is crucial to enterprise success.

Training Needs Analysis

Future needs are more developmental in nature and may involve strategy changes, appraisal systems and HR management and procedures. If future development needs are not addressed it may lead to difficulties in achieving goals.

A Safe Workplace

Participants will learn how to carry out a risk assessment, to identify the hazards and assess the risks in the workplace and how to prepare a written safety statement.

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