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Pat Falvey is one of the world's leading motivational and after dinner speakers. Pat is a member of the PSA (Professional Speakers Association). His lectures, conferences and seminars inspire people to live life to the full and show the benefits of setting goals.


Pat and his team have developed a series of presentations, courses and seminars to inspire, motivate and help to develop dynamic companies, teams, communities and individuals that reach their reach full potential.  


Presentations and courses focus on: The Challenge of Change, Goal Setting, Success, Team Building, Mentoring, Self-Belief, Ambition, Mobilisation. Learning, Passion, Empowerment, Loyalty, Risk Management, Desire, Acheivement, Vision, Affirmation, Communication, Creativity, Attitude, Change, Visualisation, Commitment, Trust and Conquering Fear. 

Pat’s Bio


Why Pat?

Pat Falvey offers a first class service with motivational, inspiring talks, dynamic team events and personal 1-1 development.  Pat has  over 15 years experience of public speaking and a lifetime of amazing experiences and knowledge, to share and to motivate.


Pat Falvey and his team of leaders are some of the best and most experienced in the world in this field.



Pat engages audiences with stories of shocking setbacks while on expedition, life-threatening conditions and tear-jerking victories. He expertly applies these directly, and specifically to the everyday goals and problems we all face, by drawing upon his extensive business and life experience.

Our Team: 

All our team are dedicated, passionate leaders with vast experience and an interest in team success. The Corporate Team



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